About our company

About Us

Our motto is:

,, We believe that the culture of Chinese Medicine will contribute significantly to the health of every person around the world, regardless of age, color, national origin or religion,,

Vitipol belongs to a group of specialized shops whose ambition is to provide our clients with the highest quality products made in harmony with nature and man.

Company Vitipol for the sake of your health and the health of your closest was a unique product that will allow you to take care and improve health. The products Fohow do not find the chemistry in any form, says the manufacturer, if they can find it at 100%, there are products of Fohow, they are fakes. 

The cooperation on the use of company-specific Fohow invited many professors (Arcadia Gamperis - chief doctor of Fohow) physicians and Chinese medicine specialists who provide advice, arrange treatment completely free of charge, based on extracts from hospitals, the most recent results of blood, urine, etc.

Taking care of your comfort range of products ordered as follows: 

1. Series cleansing 

2. Regulating Series 

3. Nutritional Series 

4. Series of nursing 

5. Therapeutic Series

A lot more information about your Fohow and not only will you INRORMATION tab. Any questions related to products, prices, and their use, please contact us via email: abcfohow54@gmail.com or barnaba.54 @ wp.pl 
Vitipol a place where we offer selected food products containing no chemical compounds. Vitipol focuses its offer on products with medicinal properties and health promotion.

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