What we know about the belts.

Belts therapeutic Fohow International Corporation-Phoenix - is a uniquedevelopment not having a counterpart in the world. These belts combine all thebest features of infrared saunasreflexology, physiotherapy, magneto therapy,minerals, and permanent magnetsAre highly effective without side effects.The product is the result of years of research, carried out by specialists of the company, as well as long-term exploration and experimentation with different devices and minerals.

There are a wide variety of infrared therapy devices and magnetic field, butthey all require additional power sources and are too massive for individual useThese belts do not need to plug in and they do not need recharging. They do not have batteriesbattery, and most importantly - there is no interaction of electric currents that produce their own electric field adversely affects theelectrical activity of cells and tissuesin other words, neutralizes the beneficial effects of the magnetic fieldIn this respect the lanes referred to are absolutelyunique.

The basic ingredients of therapeutic belts are:

layer of special material with inclusions semi-precious stonesone of which isjade and other minerals capable of infrared radiation at 36,6-37,5 ° C (ie body temperature), to perform the method of inclusion used in nanotechnology;
magnets with a small force, affecting the acupuncture points

The belts can be clearly to spot magnets arranged in a particular way.Consider the advantages of the impact of permanent magnets with a smallforce on the functional activity of cells.

Magnetic field is a method based on magnetic field effects on the human bodyfor therapeutic purposes. It has been proven that the interaction of magnetic fields causes the acceleration of the process of cell membrane depolarization, that is their business electricity.

Under the influence of a constant magnetic field changes occur in the orientation and concentration of biologically active macro-molecules,enzymes, which positively affects the quality of biological reactions andbiophysical processes at speedIn other words, the molecules line up in a strict sequence, which promotes the enhancement of functional activity of cells. Constant magnetic field of low strength stabilizes the biological activity ofvarious tissues and electrical conduction in all parts of the nervous system -the central and peripheralThis is a beneficial factor in regeneration of damaged tissues in our body. It has been proved that the magnetic field has a calming effect. Effects onperipheral nerves has the effect of relieving pain, which is associated with decreased activity of pain receptors.

There have been positive effects in the recovery of people after stroke.

The magnetic field of low intensity and improves blood circulation in the capillaries, giving positive results in the case of pathological processes inorgans and tissuesThis field effect correction the organs and tissues by acting at the molecular level. Under the influence of magnetic fields an increase in vascular permeability and epithelial cells, which is a direct result of swelling andaccelerate the absorption of the substance placed on the medication. Due to this effect magneto found wide application in the case of injuries andwounds and their consequences.

Measure the magnetic field does not usually cause an increase in temperature, or skin irritation. Observed good tolerance of such treatments by persons weakened various diseases, which are elderly, suffering fromillnesses in addition to the cardiovascular system, which allows them to usebelts in such cases when they are contraindications to other physiotherapy.

On the effect of the magnetic field changes characteristic is preferably water, which forms the basis of our body (in the 75-80% are made up of water). This change improves the physical condition of the macro-and micro-molecules
protein, which form the basis of all cellular structures and changing for the better physical and physiological parameters of cells.

Small dots on the work surface is a belt with a specially selected inclusions of minerals, including from meteorites. In order to perform these inclusions were used nanotechnology. One such mineral is nephrite, whose healing propertieshave been known for thousands of years.

Jade can positively affect the blood cells. lymph nodes and nervous system. In contact with human body jade and other minerals heat up to its temperature(36,6-37,5 ° C). Then begins to emit jade infrared radiation in the 8-14 micronbest, what is the range of waves emitted by the human body, penetrating the tissue to a depth of several centimeters. In this way, the effect of infrared radiation emitted by jade produces an effect of resonant absorption of infraredenergy and begins to be actively absorbed by the body.

Infrared radiation has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the circulatory system of capillaries, improves blood circulation in tissues, also, the bad, which promotes the enhancement of regenerative processes by increasing the inflow of nutrients and to accelerate the removal of toxins from cells and tissues. As a result of the increased potential energy of cells in various tissues,normalized to their functional activity (the ability to regenerate, functionalstability).

In addition, functional status is improved enzyme systems, which is of great importance for different types of dystrophies. We also have a potential exposure to the causes of disorders related to metabolism.

Infrared radiation is beneficial to all tissues of the body (skin, connective tissue, muscles, ligaments, lymphatic and nervous systems, etc.). This radiation gives life to biological functions of our cells and improves blood circulation, fights neuralgia, back pain, pain associated with arthritis, removes toxins and carbon dioxide from the blood.

We all know that raising body temperature is the body's defensive reaction topathological microorganisms. Increased temperature stimulates the body'sdefenses and inhibits the growth of these microorganisms. We also know thatoverheating a negative impact on its functional state (weakness, malaise, muscle cramps, impaired consciousness), delayed the healing process, so we are forced to intervene in this process by lowering the temperature of the defense. Belt Corporation "Phoenix", which combines magnetic fields andinfrared, to resolve this problem: we can locally raise the temperature of someparts of the body without undermining the general overheatingInfrared radiation with a wavelength of 8-14 microns penetrates into the bodyto a depth of several centimeters, and because the lumbar belt has twoworking surfaces - front and rear - can also act on all tissues and organs in the area of application of the belt.

Traditional Chinese Medicine know that jade helps to intensify the circulationof our chi energy to help the body self-elimination of imbalances andregenerowaniu body after high loads. The human body is 12 energy channels, which ensure the circulation of energy in all vital organs. All these channelspass through the abdomen (umbilical region) and lumbar area. Using the beltrestore wholesome circulation of energy in all organs and improve the blood circulation. Magnetic fields and infrared results in a very beneficial therapeutic effects on the human body:
eliminatepain sensation in the back, neck, shoulder girdle. The belt is effective therapyfor intervertebral hernia, renal insufficiency, the sphere of sexual problems in men and women.

Indications for therapeutic use of belts:

Indications for therapeutic use of belts:

Diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypertension and second degreecardiac ischemia, arthritis, weakness, vegetative-vascular tension(peripheral vascular disease).

Diseases and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system: spinal injuries, spinal cord, intervertebral hernia, spinaldegeneration, cardiovascular disorder in the spinal cord, ischemic stroke, inflammation of the nerves, multineuropatie different origins, neuralgia, neurosis, neurasthenia, phantom pain, paralysis, wound cut.

Peripheral vascular diseases: arteriosclerosis obliterans in the I-II-III stage, thrombophlebitis, vasculitis, chronic venous insufficiency and venous-lymphatic, thrombophlebitis deep and superficial veins.

Disease and damage to the locomotive: osteoarthritis (stages I-III during the intensification and remission), infective-toxic,arthritis, polyarticular inflammation of various origins, inflammation, bursitis, inflammation of the periarticular, slow fusion offractures, bruises, strained kaletkowo-camera ligament, sprains, twisting the knee, elbow, shoulder, etc.

Respiratory diseases: chronic pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma (in addition to hormone-dependent).

Gastrointestinal disorders: stomach and duodenal ulcers in remission stage and severity, chronic gastritis, gastric andduodenal inflammation, subacute and chronic pancreatitis, chronic hepatitis, biliary diskineza, chronic cholecystitis, colitis.

Chronic diseases of the urogenital-tract infections: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, impotence, infertility, climactericsyndrome, benign tumors (fibroids, fibroids, fibroid tumors of the mammary gland).

Otolaryngological pathologies: vasomotor rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, maxillary sinusitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic otitis, the auditory nerve, rhinitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, tracheitis.

n the case of vasomotor rhinitis and chronic rhinitis is recommended to use the strip for the neck by simple imposition ofaround maxillary sinus, sinus or nose leading, in this case there is no need to wet the belt, because the sensitivity of facial skinis very high.

In other cases (trachea rhinitis, pharyngitis, inflammation of the auditory nerve), the belt should be used in the usual way-working surface attached to the cervical spine or trachea.

In case of problems with the thyroid can be applied pas, but do not fasten it tightly and do not hold long.

The use of therapeutic belt for diseases of the spine.

It is known That the canal of the spinal cord is a very important part of the central nervous system - spinal cord, Which Is Responsible for the conduction of nerve impulses from the brain Organs and Tissues are from the brain to the body tissue, it meets a function related to Reflexes. Functional disorders of the spine Immediately Reflected on the work of the spinal cord, and Therefore the body as a whole.Degeneration of the spine gradually leads to a distortion of the spine and spinal canal, Which leads to the Oppression exertedon Both spinal cord itself the , and its roots, nerve impulses Which send to the skin and muscles. Since the level of Thickening ofthe cervical to the level of the second lumbar vertebra in the lateral parts of the spinal cord is part of the sympathetic autonomic nervous system regulates blood That, internal Organs and glands of many of our body. Sympathetic nerves exit the spinal nervesalong with the core. Pressure on the spinal nerves leads to the inflammation (inflammation of the spinal nerve roots), Which Are Usually Accompanied by pain and other disorders of motor functions, the sensitivity of the skin and internal Organs.
The Vertebral arches are openings through the spinal cord Which to reach three pairs of spinal arteries supplying blood to the spinal cord. The upper pair supplies the brain stem and Enters the brain ventricular system of the back. Slight disturbances in stream theblood May result in this area, a sudden change Dizziness of body position (eg, violent stand up after sitting in asquatting, Means That it gets dark in the eyes). This is linked with poor flow of blood through the brain stem and cerebellum.
Acting on a belt Therapeutic cervical spine removed the neck muscle spasm and Improve blood circulation in Them. So the can-without mechanical action (without using the services of a Chiropractor) - restore the correct setting cervical vertebrae, improveblood circulation in the arteries of the spinal transmission of harmonization electrical impulses through the spinal cord and its rootsin the cervical and upper thoracic spine .
The use of Therapeutic belt can lead a normal blood pressure, Which results in improved vascular work-motor center in the brainstem. Using the belt can be eliminated Quickly pain in occiput and neck, remove the skin numbness of hands and fingersimprove Dexterity of hands. In Addition, the neck strap can be successfully used in trauma arthritis, and chronic Conditions of withno apparent bone changes, (with osteoporosis). Good effect was observed in inflammation and degenerative arthritis.

Using therapeutic lumbar belt for the lumbar, which has two working surfaces (front and back) can therapeutically affect the thoracic and lumbar spine, and on virtually any part of the spine. There have been good effects of the belt with hernias of the intervertebral discs: after 15-20 minutes of waist pains disappear, the ability of movement is restored (after the first treatment!). Hernia is nothing like crack in the wall of the disc, which causes it to weaken, and the internal pressure, gelatinous contents of the disc will bulge in the wall, which in time grows and begins to apply pressure on the spinal cord. The reaction to this is the tension of the muscles on the opposite side, which is intended to offset the pressure on the part of the damaged intervertebral disc space. Prolonged muscle tension leads to its inflammation, resulting in severe pain.

As a result of the belt is disposed around the damaged muscle of the intervertebral disc, and therefore reduces the pressure on the disc and increases the distance between the circles, and it just allows you to achieve a positive effect. In order to improve the tonus przykręgosłupowego also need to improve the economy using both aerobic muscle cordiceps (more on that later in cordiceps in sport).

Surgical intervention in 50% did not give positive effect. The operation involves the removal of the intervertebral disc or part of oppressing the spinal cord, is the ability depreciation disturbed album, are deformed discs above and below the damaged section, so the operations are carried out only in extreme cases when all other possibilities have been exhausted.

Posted specialist spinal therapy, chiropractic massage:

While working several years as a specialist in spinal therapy, chiropractor, massage therapist, before being patient hospitals, treatment centers and suffering due to lack of proper evaluation of my complaints, I understand perfectly the problems of the spine. I experienced this myself after a car accident.

Having serious back problems, you can enjoy health and have no symptoms of back pain, headaches, arthritis, dizziness, numbness of limbs. , I was diagnosed: the disappearance of cervical lordosis, cervical kyphosis, collapsed two cervical vertebrae (C3, C4) on the outside knob spinal (C2, C3), clamped vertebral arteries, spinal disc deterioration in the thoracic (Th6, TH7), slanting pelvis and sacrum shifted on its axis, the degradation of the disc (L3, L4), hernia (L5, S1).

You also can enjoy life and function normally, but this is a real one condition. Your muscles need to be adequately prepared to keep the spine in the correct position. The most important element of a stable spine are muscles, and right angle of the pelvis. Twisting the bones of the pelvis and sacrum rotation axis leads to muscle tension.

In this case, assume the functions of unstable pelvic muscles and ligaments. The slope of one of the plates causes the pelvis to its setting and the oblique unilateral lumbar load. The consequence of this arrangement is a lateral curvature of the lumbar spine, and the compensation of such an arrangement is reflected in the thoracic and thoracic scoliosis have directed toward the plate tilted pelvis forward and inward.

The cause of back pain in most cases the muscles (they maintain the circles in the right position), which cause tension and pressure on the peripheral nervous system. Adjustment of the spine to the right position only a few percent of success, because if we are dealing with the state of chronic bólowym, and so in most cases, the spine is not able to persevere in the right position. Because the muscles are not prepared for this, first go for massage, rehabilitation, the chiropractor as a last resort operation waiting for us, because we can not obtain comprehensive assistance.

Why should undergo a comprehensive therapy?

So that if we set the spine chiropractor, it still will not hold it. Feel temporary relief, perhaps a day a week. Then you set back, but with adjusting all the pain comes because the muscles for our good is becoming increasingly tense. Chiropractor is a growing problem with the attitude vertebrae. Followed by degradation of intervertebral discs (disks). Spinal muscles become more and more tense, because I assume the function of an unstable spine. Massages are great for smooth muscle relaxation, but not for deep muscles and attachments. During the massage the muscles to relax only surface, and the trailers do not have that option and still maintain the spine in the wrong, wrong position, so it was not worse. Rehabilitation exercises help relax the muscles and feel that popuszczały muscles and spine increased motor range. Only it's still the same, crooked spine, and we momentarily felt relief. But when we do not practice - speak up again the old aches and pains.

The only effective solution is a comprehensive treatment: 

1. Massage, light therapy, magnetic field and other procedures. 

2. Strengthening therapy, spinal muscular corset.

3. Stabilization of bone chiropractic, osteopathy. 

All these steps should be taken preferably during the same surgery.

Two elements of a comprehensive treatment directly meets your belt Fohow:

1. Relaxes, strengthens, nourishes, oxygenates the muscles, trailers, ligaments, penetrates into the tissue to a few centimeters, due to interaction of infrared radiation and litoterapii and nourishes through the osmotic action of spinal disks.

2. Another element is the stabilization of bone tissue. The belt does not set the spine or pelvis directly, but any self-respecting masseur knows that when the muscles are adequately prepared in most cases the backbone itself will find its proper location.

From personal experience, backed by many years of practice I know that the spine, which was set invasively, without taking into account the comprehensive treatment, the next day is in the same position as before the surgery. The only exception is when the spine are geared directly after the injury, and this is very rare, because in most cases we do not realize that the spine has changed his position. The only therapy that gives a lasting and stable effect is the work of the proper muscle tone of the spine and the use of comprehensive therapy.

The impact of the internal organs of the belt:

Deep, soft infrared effect improves blood circulation in the internal organs of the abdominal cavity and chest at the level of capillaries, which in turn improves their function. For example, acting on the surrounding strip loin treatment not only free ourselves from pain in the loins, but we streamline the work of kidneys - the most important organ of our excretory system, the front part of the belt gently works on the liver and intestines, improving metabolism and digestion. Improving blood circulation at the capillary favors the acceleration of aberrant regeneration of organs and tissues (rapid excretion of toxic metabolites) and reduces the congestive phenomena that accompany each process patologicznemu (venous and arterial congestion.)

So what happens in disturbed organ? For each disorder the body reacts to inflammation, which occurs as a result of swelling of the damaged area, pressure on the capillaries and the total interruption of blood flow in the disturbed site. In this way, the disturbed portion shall separate from the healthy part of an organ or tissue. Such inflammation ends in scar formation, because usually demarcated piece is destroyed. Affecting the blood circulation in the capillaries can cause inflammation of the work and thus reduce the risk of serious damage to an organ or tissue.

In the case of inflammation caused by pathogenic microorganisms, infrared, will be conducive to rapidly destroy them without significant tissue damage, since it is proved that infrared radiation has a bacteriostatic effect, ie inhibit the ability of bacteria to multiply.

When using the belt on the abdomen around the cross and significantly improves the functional state of pelvic (female - ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus; in men - prostate), it means that harmonizes the sphere of sex between men and women because such problems are blood, become associated with pelvic organs. Normalization of blood circulation, proper functioning of the pelvic organs can prolong sexual performance for many years. In men, significantly reduces the inflammation of the prostate (including chronic) and strengthens thblood stasise erection. Acting on the lumbar are a improve the blood circulation in the renal cortical substance, where there is 70% of nephrons, which is filtering the blood plasma. In the capillaries of renal blood pressure is highest - 79 mmHg. In the case of a decrease in the pressure filtration processes are disturbed and re-absorption occurs. In this way, urine can be an excess of salt, which in turn can lead to stone formation. Interacting infrared and magnetic field on the substance kidneys maintain the pressure at the right level.

If a person already has a tendency to produce stones that improve filtration processes will be conducive to their dissolution and halting their further development.

The impact on the area of ​​the liver and gall bladder also helps to improve circulation in the capillaries, preventing blood stagnation in these organs, which is beneficial to the manufacturing process of bile and gall bladder contractile ability, it disappears so cause stagnation of bile. In the absence of the gall bladder use of the belt will improve the quality of bile, which - by hitting into the duodenum - regulate the digestive process. Moving therapeutic belt on the body can affect any organ, both for therapeutic and prophylactic.

With the acquisition of such a belt you have in your home office physiotherapy, having all the benefits in the absence of defects (strong intense electromagnetic fields, high-frequency sound waves, etc.). For example, acute conditions are a contraindication to the use of physiotherapy, while using the belt body is subjected to gentle infrared radiation that improves blood circulation in the disturbed areas and the action of a constant magnetic field of low intensity, which soothes and relieves pain. The operation of these belts do not cause heating of the organs or tissues (the temperature remains at body temperature or slightly higher).

Furthermore, the use of traditional physiotherapy, there are many contraindications, and contraindications to the use of belts manufactured by the corporation Fohow - Phoenix is ​​only: severe states of cancer, severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system, pregnancy and mental illness.

Favorable effect of belt is to reduce the fatty deposits under the skin on the abdomen, waist, back of the neck (for this purpose there is no need for wetting the belt, and stick it on the body should be about an hour).

Belts are made of special material with regard to the requirements of aesthetics, mechanics, reflexology, Chinese therapy, highlighting the impact on the meridians.

Many health problems are related to the misalignment of vertebrae to each other. This causes tension in the muscles, accompanied by the formation of energy blockages, distorting the normal conduction of impulses through the spinal cord, which interferes with the control system of internal organs. Pas removes muscle tension, and thus restores the normal course of nerve impulses within the spinal cord. Furthermore, the stabilizing features of our meridians, energy centers - chakras, which is consistent with the ancient theory that says that all ailments are associated with impaired circulation of energy in these channels and centers.

Unfavourable weather conditions, hypothermia, prolonged sitting behind the wheel or at the computer cause many problems in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Most of these phenomena is the result of stasis caused by poor blood circulation in certain parts of the body.

The product referred to, allows a comprehensive approach to the problem of pain syndromes in the back, loins, the neck, chest, the arms and legs.

As a result of a complex combination of magnetic therapy, infrared therapy, minerals and therapeutic and preventive effects are to multiply and outweigh the effect of including a separate measure of each of these types of therapies (ie, formed the so-called. Synergistic effect).

In this way, these bands are advantageously affect the body for many ailments: quickly eliminate pain, improve blood circulation, regulate metabolism, reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat.




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