Is money is important in life?

Is money important in life?

Hmm ... what's the question?

After each answer, the money is important, but most people first put values ​​such as love, family, and of course they were right.

But we can live with dignity, if we lack the money?

Do we need to have a regular source of income?

If money was not important, do not we spend 33% of our time at work (8 hours sleep, more than eight hours we spend at work, it is yet another 8 hour class). We have to have money to live peacefully! Assume that the money you earn today, suffice you for everything.

Do not spend too much time at work? Are you alone to decide their own while working?

Can you earn 5000 zł, but working more than 10 hours a day. Is that it? But life is not just a job, sleeping and eating. It is important to live an adequate level of financial and have enough time for family, friends and the classes that make you pleasure. It is difficult, but possible to do! Some people just 500 zł, another 1500 zł, and yet another is missing when earning up to 4000-5000 zł.


Why some people earn 500 zł, and others 5000 zł? Is this who has a lot of money, succeeded in life, someone got him a job?

Or maybe he just wants to make more money?

We often hear the opinion that money is evil, and rich ludzieto crooks who earned them unfairly. Such beliefs are common.

Do you also think that it is impossible to make money honestly?

Think about who is more likely to think about money?

The one who has them and there is no problem with them earning (and I mean honest ways to make)?

Is the one who does not have them, and for a whole month waiting for payment?

Certainly when we lack money, harder to focus on them and it is they direct our lives. Having a lot of money that is not successful. What is important is how they earned and how they think. It is also important that other values ​​in addition to money matters to people rich. If someone spends money wisely, which earned honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. Consider the situation in which we can do more good.

Then, when we are poor and barely enough to us from the first to the first, and when we have the amount of money that we can share them with other people? (Of course I do not mean to support charities just to hide a bad image of any company operating on the borderline of the law)

You can help people other than giving them money, but to tell the truth altruists can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Lack of money causes frustration, unnecessary quarrels Family pushes for theft. This causes a decline in the quality of our lives. If you have a little money, it's their issue limit only to buy the most necessary things. What about entertainment? What good vacation? What better car?

If we lack the money, do not give them to play with, because not enough for us. We do not buy new clothes, because ... We drive an old car, because ... I just spend only what is necessary for life! And yet, every man wants to live with dignity and to be able to meet all their needs, not just the basics. Sometimes, the parents ask the doctor to prescribe cheaper medicines for children, because the more expensive certainly run out of money.

Does it have to be this way?

Do we have to adapt their needs to their finances?

Can better adapt to the needs of finance?

Have you used once the overdraft on the account or a credit card?

If not, ask your friends how it works. Ask how it feels to be all the time "below the line"?

In one month, we use the maximum credit limit, the next payment to the bank account. Debit is obviously offset. No, but something you have to live. Of course we can continue to korzystaz overdraft, except that we have to remember that the bank gets their fees and interest. In this way, we become the employers of the bank, because all the time we put money into the "pocket".

I am an old man, but at least half of the people around me use debit or credit card. Of course they feel confident because they have the cash. But it's not THEIR money! Man to really live their lives, in addition to any spiritual goods, you still need many material goods. You can not, however, have, having a little money. The desire to have and earn the kind of money that will allow us not only to meet basic needs, is the most positive. I conducted a survey of people from different professions and ages. I asked for an answer to the question:

"What do you consider your biggest problem?"

Over 90% of people replied: lack of money, low wages, bad boss, no time. You do not have to look far. Talk to a few people with their environment, ask about their problems. Probably the answer will be similar.

Or do you have a problem with the lack of money?

If so, then read on. If not - well read on. I think you convinced that the desire to have or make a lot of money is absolutely normal.

You should think positively about money.

,,Man does not use the most out of your body without good food, comfortable clothing, a warm shelter and freedom from too much effort. Rest and recreation are also in high demand in the physical life. You can not experience the fullness of the intellectual life without books and time to study them, without being able to travel and observation, or unaccompanied by developed intellectually. Therefore, to grow up mentally, we have intellectual entertainment and surround themselves with beautiful objects, we are able to use and appreciate. If you want to live a full spirit, a man must love; POVERTY while refusing to love a word,,

W. Wattles

I also think that everyone should strive to prosper and to have time for all the entertainment. Of course, I promote only honest ways to make money!

So here's what I can offer you. Your goal is simple: Banners that you see on the left, is used to make money, spending some time on a mini-computer without the use of mobile phones and the cost required. I know what you're thinking, that is the same as the one true that pigs fly and yet ..... You have to see it yourself you judge and I am confident that you admit I was right. Click on these links, you pay nothing registration is for free and forward. You know perfectly well that I prefer to have rich friends and acquaintances, because I do not have to put the beer!

AUDACES FORTUNA IVVAT (fortune favors the bold)

Barnabas Admin