How to eat to not get sick

1.The new food pyramid as a basis for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Gluten - why more people do not tolerate?

Healthy food pyramid was created to determine which products should be eaten less often and what. It was established, we want to change our eating habits. It consists of several levels that correspond to certain types of products.

The first such pyramid was founded in 1992 in the United States to improve the work of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which in fact does not serve the health of people and interests of U.S. agriculture and food industry.


                                               The food pyramid in 1992

The basis for good nutrition, founded in 1992, are the products of flour or bread, pasta, rice and cereals. The next level are the fruits and vegetables. Next, the meat and dairy products and fats and sweets at the top of the pyramid were laid, as products that should be avoided.

The proportions of different foods in our diet, the current food pyramid are not suitable proposed. A large amount of carbohydrates that were the foundation conducive to weight gain, and reduction of various fat causes health problems. Not all fats are unhealthy, some on the contrary, are essential for health. Multi-unsaturated fats (omega 3, omega 6 and omega-9), the sources of seafood, fish and vegetable oils reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Margarine, but only those who have no harmful trans fats.

Please be sure to limit saturated fats, found not only in fatty meat, but also in butter, cheese, milk and sweets. Nutritionist at the Harvard University professor. Walter Willett, about his research and is based in the Mediterranean, created a new food pyramid, which was adopted without discussion by experts from around the world.


                                                     The new food pyramid, Source: nowiny24.pl

Special attention was here on physical activity, given that health is determined. Exercise must be regular, preferably daily. The movement promotes good digestion and burning of excess calories are deposited as fat. It is also important to control their weight. For this purpose, very helpful to your BMI (Body Mass Index), the indicator determining our weight in terms of growth to be calculated.

Under the new principles of nutrition flour products in "poor" at the top of the pyramid, or baked products with wheat flour, and "good" produced cereals with whole grains (whole wheat bread, preferably shared by seed oil, pasta with whole wheat flour, cereals flakes), and non-rice and corn ground, situated at the base. Dark bread was next to the unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oils (including canola oil), the increase in omega fatty acids, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, the work of the brain and helps reduce places of body fat.

Another layer of vegetables and fruit are a source of vitamins and minerals and complex carbohydrates. They should be part of every meal the next level sein.Die legumes - peas, beans, broad beans, soybeans, lentils, a source of easily digestible protein, and nuts and seeds, which are the building blocks of proteins containing bone. Get involved in the regulation of reducing sugar levels in the body and the pressure. The products of this group should be taken 1-3 times a day.

Fish, poultry and eggs are in the fifth stage of the pyramid. They are a source of complete protein. Fish provide omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs are a source of amino acids, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Another floor of the pyramid are busy taking with dairy products and calcium. Milk is a source of calcium, protein, fat-soluble vitamins. On the other hand, is quite high in calories and contains animal fat.At the top of the pyramid you will find products that you should avoid them. These include red meat and butter (rich in saturated fatty acids), white bread, pasta, white rice, potatoes, sweets, highly processed foods, fast food, trans fats (found in French fries, chips, candy) and salt and spices contain glutamininian sodium.



 Gluten - why more people do not tolerate?

Just to mention a problem with gluten tolerance during dinner with friends , and you'll soon find someone who will say that it is " fashionable disease" that exists only because it is said about it . However, a study carried out on samples of blood taken from the pilots of the U.S. Army found that gluten intolerance is much more common today than fifty years ago.This is not a problem at all " psychological " - just you or anyone in your immediate environment is suffering from a disease for which there were ill at the time of your great-grandparents.

Celiac Disease

Gluten intolerance is also known as celiac disease . The disease begins when the body ceases to digest gluten , the protein found in wheat, rye , barley , spelled and oats (the latter as a pure oats do not contain gluten though , but its cultivation , and the late and grain are usually contaminated with wheat grains and rye ) . And in addition celiac disease develops regardless of whether they eat cereals in the form of highly processed (i.e. refined ) or as dark grains in both cases your digestive system can not digest gluten (referred to as the word glue , or glue ).

Gluten turns into the gastrointestinal tract of a gliadin that during passage through the intestinal wall of gluten intolerance leads to inflammation causing destruction of the intestinal cells , called intestinal microvilli . This in turn causes various intestinal problems ( diarrhea , gas, bowel problems ).

Besides inflammation worsens the absorption of nutrients , which in turn leads to a shortage of calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid ( vitamin B9 ) . Therefore, increasing the risk of sickness and death due to autoimmune diseases. The risk is increased tenfold when diagnosing celiac disease at the age of 20 years (from 3.5 % to 34 %).

Untreated celiac disease can lead to debilitating disease, osteoporosis associated with calcium deficiency , anemia (due to iron deficiency) , depression, and dermatitis ( skin problems ) . In small children, can be seen wasting , swollen cheeks and abdomen , stunted growth and sometimes autism.Damage to the intestinal villi can lead to leaking team ( leaky ) gut ( called leaky gut ) . This means that the blood stream will penetrate undigested pieces of food , causing inflammation and immune responses , which could negatively affect the joints.

Good and bad news

I'll start with bad news : As I mentioned earlier, gluten intolerance is not a psychological problem or a fashion statement , though it is observed that suffer from it more and more people. It has to do with the fact that grain, which can be found in our diet are significantly different from those that our ancestors ate.

Until the nineteenth century, wheat was almost always mixed with other cereals , as well as peas and peanuts . This is what is called the bread , there was then a soft and fluffy bread that dries in a few hours and moldy after a few days . The bread was dense black mass containing the crushed grains and it can be stored for weeks , or even months , but at the end of this period it had to dip in the soup , so as not to break the teeth.White bread that we eat out frequently , was a rarity. But that's not all: the same grain , as well as all around, changed significantly in recent years.

The blame for this bear ourselves ...Modern bakers see that their customers (ie you and me ) prefer a more fluffy and crispy breads , croissants and scones in short - bread that looks appetizing. Dough rises , the better , the more gluten in the flour . Bakers look so flour is rich in gluten, enabling it to bake " beautiful " breads , millers and the pressure on farmers , asking them to choose cereals rich in gluten and create hybrids to increase the gluten ! As a result, most of the grain has grown out " supergluten"

However, no one pays attention to the fact that our body does not like gluten. One person in a hundred ( or about 600 000 people in France and Poland, about 380 0002 ) did not tolerate gluten. Such people suffer from celiac disease . Unfortunately, 90-95 % of them are unaware of their disease . After observing the symptoms of the aforementioned diseases ( arthritis , osteoporosis , depression , dermatitis , etc.) they are trying to treat each of them separately , unfortunately, not seeing their common cause .Too bad , but here's the good news : 95% of people with celiac disease can completely get rid of the symptoms of the disease , with an appropriate diet.

Trying elimination / challenge gluten

If you think you have an intolerance to gluten , you can perform a blood test . This test involves a determination of the number of IgA antibodies : smooth muscle against endomysium ( EMA ) , tissue transglutaminase ( tTG ) and anti- gliadin deamidowanej. This test is extremely reliable.
But before you go to the doctor , you can try to eliminate from your diet foods containing gluten for two weeks , then put them back . If the symptoms disappear , but there will be sharply after the reintroduction of gluten in the diet , it would mean that you are well on your way to good health. Such a test is called an attempt to elimination / challenge with gluten . Please note that your doctor can make a diagnosis based on a blood test , you should tell him about the use of gluten-free diet as the study can not prove in this case of intolerance to gluten.

And fight celiac disease

The good news is that already mentioned , that in 95% of cases, the symptoms of celiac disease can be completely eliminated. If you do not return , use a strict gluten-free diet .The elimination of gluten from the diet is complicated ... and expensive. It can be so expensive that in Canada, people with gluten intolerance can deduct the cost of such a diet from tax.Gluten is virtually every food product : in bread , cakes, biscuits , breakfast cereals , but also in many sauces , soups and ready-made dishes , fruit yogurt and other desserts , in which the starch is the thickening agent . It can also be found in many medicines and lipsticks . The list of ingredients hiding under many names . They may include malt , starch ( from wheat, rye etc.) , hydrolyzed vegetable protein and textured vegetable protein . However, the biggest problem is that even trace amounts of gluten can cause a recurrence of symptoms in people who suffer from gluten intolerance .It is therefore necessary to carefully select food products.

What products should be selected?

In addition to the knowledge of what products you should eat , you must also know how to eat well without gluten. Eat :

- Fruit and vegetables 

- Meat , fish and poultry without breading and marinades

- Legumes and soybeans 

 - Some cereals : rice , buckwheat , millet and quinoa

- Some flour : rice , corn, potato , cieciorkową , soybean 

- The majority of dairy products

- but those who do not tolerate dairy products, should remove it completely from your diet for a few months.However, this diet in the long run you are bored , it is best to arrange a meeting with a dietitian or go to a specialist , such as organizations of people with gluten intolerance ( in Poland is Polish Association of People with celiac disease and gluten-free ).

A few more tips:

- Chew food thoroughly, as this helps in the absorption of nutrients

- Eat yogurt or kefir with probiotics, so that will improve the quality of their intestinal flora and intestinal health

- Before going out to a restaurant, make sure that you get the food without gluten ( many sauces added ingredients prepared from cereals containing gluten).




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