Oncology and cordiceps.

It is a moment of great sorrow that comes to conclude that the risk of cancer incidence in the world has increased significantly. The reasons turn out to be wrong both ecology and improper diet, resulting in a breach of fundamental processes in our body, reducing the efficiency of the body's natural defenses and the presence of a growing number of cancer cases.

Cordicepsu impact on anticancer mechanism of action and anticancer activity.

Cancer cells use many mechanisms to exit from the control of the body's immune system. They may be released from the surface antigens and interfere with the migration of macrophages and the malignant cell capture (Hiu.JH et al. 1998). The last method is the most characteristic of lymph cells (Yama-Gucchi N. and ws.1990). Cancer cells appear as benign and are characterized by varying degrees of loss dyferencji, which in some cases correlates with the aggressiveness of the course and sensitivity to chemotherapy. Taking into account the degree of their malignant properties dyferencji turn out to be much less pronounced. In spontaneous disease, and even more with chemotherapeutic activities dyferencja cancer cells decreases, which plays a big role in 'eluding the "immune from the process, and pharmacological control and determines cancer progression.

In one study of the impact of the leukemia cells Cordicepsu man showed that 50% of tumor cells transformed into mature monocytes and macrophages (Chen.YJ and ws.1997). The results of clinical and experimental studies indicate that the extract has anti-cancer with Cordiceps and anti-metastatic activity. (Yoshida and ws.1989, Nakamura K. and ws. 1999). HSKirn (1999) confirmed that a number of polysaccharides found in kordicepsie has anti-cancer and anti-genotoxic effect.

The book examined the polysaccharide preparations are also Lentinus edodens (LPS), Ganoderma Lucidum (GPS) and Coriolus versicolor (CPS). Among the polysaccharides, Ganoderma Lucidum extract showed the most explicit action with respect to inducing activity of glutathione S-transferase (Kim.HS and wsp.1999). Many authors as the principal, highlighted the cytotoxic effect on tumor cells kordicepsu (Yoshida J. et al 1989).

Most scientific publications confirm that the antitumor activity Cordicepsu is realized not through the main cytotoxic effect on tumor cells, but as a result of immunomodulatory activities (Yoshida J. et al 1989). Preparations of Cordiceps delaying the formation of colonies of cancer cells melanomy B 16, and to improving the protective activity of NK-cells, regardless of treatment immunosuspensyw-tion cyklofosfamids preparations (Hu RH et al 1992). According Hu RH et al (1992) primary anti-tumor effect of Cordicepsu is associated with increased activity of NK-cells. Under the action Cordicepsu in cancer cells increases the number of surface antigens, which makes the malignant cells are more distinguished by the human immune system (Hiu JH et al 1998). Accepting Cordiceps preparations leads to a significant increase in phagocytic activity of macrophages in experimental animals with leukemia. As a result of taking Cordicepsu reduces tumor burden and increases survival (Yama-guchi N. et al 1990).

Antitumor activity was evaluated Cordicepsu on various types of cancers, such as: Cordiceps increased average survival rate of mice with Ehrlich tumor or fibrosarkoma more than 300% (Yoshida J. et al 1989). Cordiceps delayed the proliferation of damaged cells by 78-83% human. N.Yama-guchi et al (1990) Cordiceps perceive as a modifier of biological responses of cells. For subcutaneous implantation model of endogenous cell culture limfomy EL-4, taking Cordicepsu led to the reduction of tumor cell growth and survival. The results showed a more than fourfold increase in activity perytonealnych macrophages. Using cyklafosfamid significantly worse immunological factors, including makrofagocytarna activity. Cordiceps repel unpleasant effects of chemotherapy, restoring basic immunological parameters to normal. Therapy using Cordicerpsu increased survival. In the analysis of substances with anti-tumor activity, demonstrated the superiority of Cordicepsu and it contains unique polysaccharides (P. Lin et al 2001).

In 1991, Canadian scientists JW Book et al separate micelles Cordyceps sinensis with two anti-cancer sterols. Another research is devoted to the work YCKuo (1996). The author tested 15 substances in Cordicepsie in relation to their impact on the activity of NK-cells (N-killers) in cancer transformation. All 15 analyzed substances in Cordicepsu inhibited the transformation of cancer cells. Higher Fungi - Sziitake (Leutinus edodens) turn out to be the primary source of B-glycans. Here's how Henmen UD (2001) describes the putative mechanism of action of the B-glycans: "Therefore, to cells - killer (N-killers) could be activated and start their huge, devastating potential need two signals. The first is the mechanism of adhesion of a protein complex to the cancer cells. NK-cells adhere only to those cancer cells that have been "marked" by this protein. The second involves sending a specific molecular signal for the protein on the surface of marked cells. After receiving both signals activate NK-cells and destroy the cancer cell. Then the B-glycans act as molecular second signal, regardless of the degree of NK-cell activity. Immediately after the diagnosis of NK-cell cancer killers, with the signal from the protein complex, and obtaining a second confirmatory signal begin to destroy the cancer cells are located.

Group of Japanese researchers, conducting research on the experimental model of karcenogenezy (induction of bladder cancer) showed the possibility of preventing the development of cancer, while administration of the extract of the fungus Lentilus edodens of carcinogen (S. Kurashige and wsp.1997). One possible mechanism appears to increase initially reduced NK-cell activity, induced cancer gene activity. N. Moriya (1984) studied the combined anti-tumor effect of bacterial lipopolysaccharides and Lentinus. Bacterial polysaccharides induced tumor necrosis factor synthesis, accompanied by massive destruction of tumor cells. Complementary introduction of Lentinus (combination therapy) alone and potentiate the effect of lowering the reaction prevented the delayed hyper-sensitivity type. Analysis of information gathered confirms that the treatment of cancer, there are two trends: surgical and pharmacological therapy treatment by mobilizing the body's natural defenses.

Therefore, the student Amosow writes: "We think that it is always wise to live, doctors who have used both approaches, but as practice shows just what a force." Here's an example, western medicine has gone through cancer treatment using surgical methods, medication, physio-and chemotherapy, while Eastern medicine (Tibetan) went by mobilizing the body's natural defenses by using high quality nutritional supplements. Matrix is ​​the thesis of eastern medicine Hippocrates: "Let food be your medicine and medicine food".

Eastern medicine, have long understood that a man need a balanced and high food demand completely covering the cell, and if any components are missing, there is a disease. It seems to us that the essence is somewhere in between. It also has been shown in studies of Western specialists, carried out in the second half of the twentieth century. A great scholar, Dr. Yollok in his work, "Dead doctors do not lie," shows that it is necessary for a man 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and proteins, and three types of essential fatty acids. In addition to food supplements (dietary supplements) that you took, necessarily should contain calcium and to safeguard the proper pH of the blood and intercellular fluid in the range of 7.1 - 7.5. Alkaline environment not only facilitates the processes of exchange, but prevents the penetration and the formation of malignant tumors. The tumor does not penetrate again. His appearance in the body provides a deep violation of fundamental processes, reduce the body's natural defenses. It is known that it is better to prevent disease than to cure it, because in the first place is to increase the body's defenses and regular exchange processes. It is important to provide high-quality food substances such as vitamins A, C, E, and minerals - calcium and selenium. Studies have shown that cancer patients, also in various stages of the disease, with a well balanced diet have a reduced level of vitamins A, C, E (called antioxidants).

Otto Warburg - Nobel laureate discovered the effect of oxygen on the impact of malignant tumors. He proved that if the pH of the blood and intercellular fluid shows alkaline (optimally equal to 7.1 -7.5), the tumors do not grow. Plays a huge role miraculous mineral calcium. He helps to supply tissues with oxygen the human body. It has been proven that if blood pH increases of 0.5% is the percentage of free oxygen increases to 65%. Conversely, if the blood pH will fall, then quickly place the reduction of oxygen in the blood. If the body is not enough oxygen is in such an environment, pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi, and feel perfectly reproduce very quickly, whereas in the presence of oxygen not only to pathogenic microbes and viruses can not reproduce, but - as demonstrated by research in recent years - also die cancer cells. Another mineral that helps prevent cancer and conducive to strengthening the body's immune system is selenium. It is a biologically active trace mineral, forming part of most hormones and enzymes. When the deficit is reduced functional activity of the thyroid and liver. Selenium defends the body against poisoning with lead, cadmium, mercury, tobacco smoke, fumes, protecting it against colon cancer, liver, lung and breast. The mechanism of action of selenium antyrakowego is also connected with his participation in the construction of one of the key antioxidant enzymes glutationperoksydazy.

Experience in anticancer therapy confirms that different kinds of them can be successfully combated with proper diet, taking appropriate supplements and immunokorektory. Over the last decade in European medicine in the prevention of cancer successfully used preparations made from micelles kordicepsu Cordiceps sinensis fungus.

In China cordiceps is called the "gift of God," "supreme talisman", because not a single plant in the world has such healing power. The anticancer activity of this fungus Tibetan medicine have known for about 5 thousand years. Cordiceps grows in the mountains of Tibet at an altitude of about 4 kilometers (4000m asl). Reproduction and development of this fungus is a long and complex process. In tissues Cordicepsu are important substances such as beta-carotene, vitamins D, E, C, amino acids, proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, immunomodulatory polysaccharides, and minerals (micronutrients), such as - potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, boron and cobalt. In addition Cordiceps includes over 80 types of enzymes that participate in many biochemical reactions occurring in the human body.Thanks to modern technology there is the possibility to acquaint Europeans with this unique plant that the consistent application very quickly improves the function of the thymus, spleen, lymph glands, bone marrow, responsible for immunity. Moreover Cordiceps has powerful antioxidant properties. All this makes it gained very wide use in the prevention of anti-cancer and fighting cancer. Modern technologies have allowed to receive Cordiceps in liquid form which contains Cordiceps polysaccharides and for the first time in a separate cyclical nature dwupeptydy that:

-inhibit cancer development,

-increase immunity and protect against radiation,

-stimulate hematopoietic activity,

-affect the transformation of leukocytes,

-have complex effects on the process of hematopoietic cells (granulocytarno-mononuclear, fibroblasts, skeletal),

-stimulate the proliferation of macrophages in the spleen.

In addition to these unique substances normalize the operation of the system regulating the hippocampus - the pineal gland and endocrine harmony in the human body.

Chinese kordiceps (Cordiceps sinensis) is like a living being. It can include both flora and fauna. Cordiceps occurs in the high mountains of China - in the provinces of Sichuan, Junfin, Cynhai and Tibet. Its form is unusual. Kordiceps a twofold character - the one hand, plant, insect and on the other. This unique solution has been described in old Chinese book entitled "A new compilation of pharmacology," in 1757.

Cordiceps during the winter stays in the ground in a cocoon. It occurs in the process of "releasing hairs" that the advent of global warming come from the earth to the surface, and the solution was transformed into a plant. After the onset of the summer fires of aksospora sister group and grow from it a large or otherwise askogonada, which settles on larwie butterfly and begins to exist as a parasite. The unusual larva buries in the ground and in the winter make the transformation. The kernel of bacteria affect the internal organs of the larvae, but larvae of the corneal cap remains intact. Kordicepsu larva is characterized by the highest level of survival. It nourishes the roots alpine plants such as hotter, astragał, ofiopogon, and during two years of development under the earth can withstand long-term malnutrition, cold and lack of oxygen. Cordiceps sinensis mushroom body is thus well equipped with numerous nutrients and specific biological components, characteristic of high mountain plants. In China kordiceps is considered a traditional measure of national fitoterapeut harmaceuticals, standing on a par with such well-known means to maintain the health and the over all resistance, such as ginseng and deer horn. History of kordicepsu in China to maintain health and prevention dates back several thousand years. A long time ago, the Chinese saw as magician kordiceps "GIFT FROM GOD", which helps people get rid of many ailments.

Cordiceps used for prophylactic has the following applies:

1. Highly effective means of increasing the resistance of the organism. Governing kordiceps appears in two directions. Kordiceps can not only increase the body's resistance, but also reasonably reduce the appearance of excessive resistance in some people.

2. Works as a natural antibiotic, showing bacteriostatic activity against many pathogenic bacteria tens (such as pneumococci, streptococci, Staphylococcus aureus).

3. Inflammation. In this role kordiceps persists in action, and even exceeds the effectiveness of hydrocortisone.

4. The moderate doses dilates blood vessels, improving blood supply to the heart and lungs. With the possibilities of improving the blood supply to the heart blood vessels may prevent the occurrence of ischemic heart and clot.

5. Cordiceps fatigue affects the oxygenation of the body, lowers blood lipid levels, calms, increases resistance. All of the above pharmacological effects were the basis for application in many diseases kordicepsu.

Clinical studies have demonstrated three unique features kordicepsu: wide applicability of high role in assisting in the treatment of various diseases, boosting non-toxic effects of treatment and lack of side effects of Here is one example of the application in practice kordicepsu (quoted): Letter from the Cancer Therapy Committee of the Red Cross in Szeńczżeń.

Since December 1997, ten patients with cancer, located in the treatment of the Committee of the Red Cross received a liquid formulation CORDICEPS production of your company. Three patients had liver cancer, two lung cancer patients, the next two breast cancer, a stomach cancer, a cancer of the nose and a blood cancer. At admission to treatment in our committee, in a patient with lung cancer was diagnosed Wan Sjańhun last stage of the disease. Taking cordicep liquid preparation, a patient with severe stretched pre-mortal state, and saved his life. In the remaining nine patients continue taking cordiceps observed a clear effect of improving health, improving sleep, appetite return, positive changes in the appearance of the face, improving skin tone, vital energy return. Based on the analysis of blood found to improve its composition, clearly increased the number of leukocytes in the wake of this rose immunity. Ill with lung cancer Żugan Chen and ill with liver cancer underwent a third Sun Ljumin dangerous operation. Accepting kordicepsu after surgery gave excellent results. The stitches healed very quickly. After three days, patients could get out of bed and quickly regained his physical strength. In a patient with metastatic cancer of the nose in the stomach as a result of the adoption of Czżan Juanczżuna kordiceps, a clear improvement in health and appetite returned. Ill with lung cancer with lymphatic metastases Den Cyzpljao and peritoneal metastases, who could no longer be operated on, he began taking cordicepsu and after a month, his condition has improved. Currently, doctors put a more optimistic prognosis. Despite the fact that all patients are listed terminally ill persons, found that taking kordicepsu alleviates disease and reduces the negative effects of the postoperative period. In addition, side effects of cordiceps no, (end of quot)




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