Composition formulations and mechanisms of action.

Neither plants nor any kind of mineral has not become such a sensation in medicine, like a mushroom. Dr. I. Filippov fungoterapii writes: "Mushrooms are one of the most enigmatic creations of nature. Even the same, the origin of fungi is a puzzle that you solved by many a century. Attributed the origin and the demonic, and divine. Treatment of mushrooms healing the whole course of medicine, while natural medicine, called fungoterapii. A method of treating fungus in China and Japan now account for many a millennium. The biochemistry of contemporary Japanese shiitake mushroom arboreal became a real sensation. The healing properties of shiitake (Lentinus edodes) are unique, as attested by numerous clinical trials in Europe, America and Russia. This is one of the most effective in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and benign tumors. arboreal Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) in the East is called the mushroom of longevity. Many centuries ago, scientists believed Eskulap Reishi as a measure that can provide eternal youth.

The formulations produced by the corporation "Fohow - Phoenix" includes the most famous in the East for its medicinal properties of higher mushrooms:

Cordiceps Chinese (Cordyceps Sinensis);

Linchzhi (Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum), Mushroom Aromatic (Shiitake - Lentinus edodes),

Lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus),

various plants, Himalayan honey and other ingredients.


Belongs to a class of higher fungi - family baggy appropriate (Ascomyeetes). It grows on high mountain areas' of Tibet / Tibetan Plateau / in the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and other Cinghai, at a height of about four thousand mayors. When the hot season for certain species of butterfly larvae (Hepialide) Cordicepsu spores penetrate, then in the spring of parasite spores germinate. Growing the fungus in the early use of valuable nutrients from the larvae, and then connecting to the root system growing in the vicinity of Tibetan herbs, uses, and their precious ingredients. Insufficient oxygen in high altitudes, low air temperature and its fluctuations and its relationship with the Cosmos Cordiceps temper and make it energy intensive. In the East Kordiceps from time immemorial, is considered the most useful of all that grows on earth. The emperors and their henchmen always had for Cordiceps respect.

In China Cordiceps called "Gift of the Gods," "Magic talisman", because no other plant does not have such healing power. Cordiceps has strong antioxidant properties (L. Lukoševčius, 2004, N. Jankuniene, 2004) because of its component: beta-carotene (provitamin A), vitamin E and C, minerals - selenium and zinc, ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), polysaccharides immunomudulator and other substances. Cordiceps acts on the pineal gland, causing a large amount of melatonin secretion, a universal antioxidant properties of a potent anticancer activity. The Cordicepsu enter 77 micro and macro, over 80 types of enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids / EFA / etc. However, the dose of vitamins and minerals are not high. Therefore, these supplements may not cause symptoms of overdose. But most important of all is the principle of synergistic formulations, used in their production. It involves strict selection of effective proportions! Correlation] fractional doses of the ingredients, so you wanted result is reached, and absolute non-toxicity, and thus - the safety of use.

American pharmacologists have identified the following unique Cordiceps substances: cordycepina, cordyceps acid, adenosine, adenine, and other, proving their strong effect on the immune Despite the variety of substances, which are part of the higher fungi, the primary operating factor are polysaccharides. It was found that most of the biological effects of Cordicepsu is associated with the occurrence of the band's unique polysaccharides increase the concentration of polysaccharides in the experimental conditions allowed 10 - 15 - fold increase immunoregulator and antioxidant activity (Liu P. et al., 2004). This determines the therapeutic efficacy of liquid formulations was Cordicepsu in which modern technology, achieved a unique level of concentration of polysaccharides (B Aleksjejew)). Cordiceps is the only plant in the world, while having a specific antitumor activity and przeciwprzerzutowe (Yoshida J. et al., 1989, Nakamura K. et al., 1999). It should be noted that the increase in immunoreactivity using the polysaccharides contained in mushrooms accompanied by a systemic effect cytoprotekcyjny, and therein lies the difference between therapy with the help of fungi and other types of immunotherapy.

Cordiceps strengthens the body's resistance to various external and internal factors, protects the body against radiation, in just a few minutes regenerates damaged energy shell. Preparations obtained from Cordicepsu also act anti-allergic. During the application of these preparations is observed a strong effect of purifying the cells of toxins from the body in a way that actively removes all toxic substances, including toxins, intestinal disorders, drug residues, radionuclides, heavy metal salts.

Cordiceps is a natural antibiotic and inhibits the growth of pneumococci, staphylococci, streptococci, and many other microorganisms. This fungus also works on various viruses, including adenoviruses, influenza viruses, hepatitis, herpes, viral pneumonia. Preparations obtained from Cordiceps apply in complex treatment of patients with AIDS. Cordiceps work on protozoa (chlamydiae, ureaplasmas bacteria, Chlamydia, et al.), Intestinal parasites and fungi (including yeast) - on the way to improve cell-mediated immunity.

There was a clear effect on blood vessels Cordicepsu - is governed by their clearance, vessel walls are flexible, reduces the ability of platelets to clot formation was observed regeneration of liver cells - hepatocytes and cells of other organs Normalizes the skins microflora, oral mucosa and respiratory tract nosowogardłowej . Preparations containing Cordiceps regenerate kidney function, regulate metabolism (especially lipid).




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