Panty FOHOW (set) (Most gentle protection)

CODE: F-504/40PV

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 Set includes: 10 packs daily, 4 night package and 5 packages daily.
Shelf life: 3 years

Ionized silver nano-particles.
They have a far infrared radiation effect.
Generate anions.
Eliminates odor
Stimulate micro-circulation
Retain the natural microflora
Filler 3 in 1
non-woven material
High molecular compositional paper
Not dusting the paper
"breathable" coating
food viscose
Store in a cool, dry, protect from light Instructions Using a cotton swab to download a small amount of vaginal secretions and applied to the test strip.After 30 seconds in normal lighting should be obtained to assess the color(normal, slight inflammation, severe inflammation).
Patent Number filler: 200810142547.X
Application: panty liners for women.

If during the application will be a feeling of illness, you should immediatelystop using the product and ask your doctor.
Do not dispose of waste product into a toilet bowl so as not to causeclogging.
After opening, store in a clean, dry place.
Ecologically clean and safe for health. Eliminate the odor, stimulatemicro-circulation and keep the natural microflora. Lovingly care for women's health!