Bedding function

Bedding function


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Bedding function
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Bedding is made of a special fabric that has developed in their laboratories Fohow corporation . In particular, this new technology includes a blanket and mattress .They are completely made ​​of special fibers .
Bedding provides additional treatment of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes , stroke , arthritis , rheumatic diseases , cancer , disease, cold stop,colds and many other diseases associated with breach of the micro-circulation .It helps when pleasant sleep , comfort and restores health.
Bedding this , it also has the following action:provides natural heat insulation designed during sleep in the human body , prevents the penetration of sweat fabric mattress supports thermal balance of the body , removes irritability , brings a good mood.

Six basic functions of Fohow sheets:
1 It improves blood circulation in the body, helps in the treatment of many diseases associated with breach of micro-circulation , such as cerebrovascular disease , joint disease , rheumatism, diabetes , cancer , hypertension and other diseases.

2 It improves the metabolism in the body, reduces fatigue, restores physical strength.

3 It collects and stores heat energy.

4 Increases cell activity and body immunity.

5 Open the channels of energy, relieves pain.

6 It has anti-inflammatory, edema.

Recommendations for functional washing clothes Fohow :

For washing is recommended to use neutral or soft cleaners and dishwashing liquids , not recommended for strong cleaning agents and chemicals , such as bleach, chlorine , etc. It can be washed in the washing machine , manual washing and spinning service is optimal.Mattresses and blankets can be dry- cleaned . (Note : do not tumble dry linen in direct sunlight may cause a break in the fiber , which can lead to damage to the product and to the disintegration of the components that make up the fiber.   Magnetic waves generated light ( rays of age) in the wavelength range 4 to 14 microns.To create this unique bedding . Been applied the latest scientific achievements .Man does not only lie in it , but also the body regains youth .. So, is therapeutic properties.

Researchers Corporation " Fohow " achieved phenomenal results.Linen is a compound of unique and innovative textile materials giving therapeutic effects . Agglutination method ( adhesion ), materials receive special effect.

The sheets consist of:

Tourmaline - these are natural silicate minerals that contain multiple elements such as magnesium , aluminum , iron , boron, and more than ten other trace elements beneficial to human body . Tourmaline emits long infrared rays that penetrate deep into the tissue of the human body , heat cells , stimulate blood circulation in the body.

Anionic - negatively charged molecules which are necessary for the body. Negative oxygen ions have a comprehensive prevention and health effects on the human body . Anions which enhance and increase the efficiency of the brain , increase productivity , improve quality of sleep helps the brain - saturate it with oxygen. Moreover , as a result of the examination, the anions before dilate blood vessels , remove arterial spasm , lower blood pressure , improve cardiac muscle, leading to lower high blood pressure and help other cardiovascular diseases .Studies have also shown that the anions slow blood flow , thereby increasing blood clotting time , increase the amount of oxygen in the blood have a positive effect on the transport of oxygen in the body, better absorption of oxygen and its use . Anions have a clear beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Infiltration of anions in the human body by inhalation, can increase lung capacity .In the test results it is clear that , breathing air for 30 minutes with an anion , lungs absorb more oxygen and 14.5 ℅ ℅ 2 and increase the release of carbon dioxide from the body. As a result, anions enhance lung function.

Functional bedding Fohow effectively improves the body's micro - circulation , improve sleep quality, reduces fatigue . In addition, it stimulates the blood circulation, stimulates the body's cells , regulates the autonomic nervous system disorders, restores the body 's physical strength, increases the body's resistance to disease. It has a healing effect on the cardiovascular system , the micro - circulation disorders caused by: hypertension, insomnia, constipation , coldness , numbness in the feet. etc.

The unique properties of functional Fohow bedding - this is a static massage, therapeutic effects and health through simple and easy to use, saving time and effort , and long-term effects .It is a natural physical therapy without side effects. Bedding and during sleep, the body's natural heat insulation, does not absorb sweat and do not soak the fabric in the mattress keeps the heat balance of the body, high air permeability, it has antibacterial properties. The normal temperature of the human body, bedding, regulates and absorbs energy from the environment and directs it continuously to the human body. Thus, the activated cells and the water molecules in the body , improve local blood circulation, normalizes metabolism and improve the immune system.

Microcirculation - blood flow between the capillary arterioles and venules is the basic structure and functional unit of the circulatory system. Micro - circulation fluid - flow venulėmis , arterioles , capillaries and lymph vessels in the intercellular space .

Micro - circulatory system is the exchange of information, transfer of energy , waste disposal , delivery to tissues and cells of the human body's oxygen and nutrients and removing carbon dioxide and metabolic regulation .According to modern medical research data widely recognized that the micro - circulatory disorder affects premature aging of the body and is the cause of many diseases.
Nervous system: lack of blood supply to the blood vessels of the brain , lack of oxygenation of the cells in the brain , dizziness , headache, insomnia , frequent dreams , memory loss, neurasthenia , more serious damage during stroke - apoplexy.

Cardiovascular system: lack of blood supply to the heart muscle , chest tightness , agitation , arrhythmia , angina pectoris , coronary heart disease and so on , before the heart attack ..

Respiratory: tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, asthma , bronchitis, bronchitis , etc.Gastrointestinal: stomach, in many cases depends on the overall condition of the body: gastric damage and impaired nutrient absorption causes gastritis, ulcers and so on.

The endocrine system: endocrine system may malfunction . The disordersmicro-circulation can cause diseases such as hyperthyroidism , diabetes, arthritis , breast cancer, breast hypertrophy and others.Urinary and Sexual : nephritis , renal insufficiency, pelvic inflammation in women with menstrual disorders , prostatitis , cystitis, etc. .Muscles and joints : metabolic concentration can cause muscle pain, numbness, cold limbs syndrome , capillary occlusion , cowering , sore shoulders, lower back , as well as some pathology of osteoarthritis.

Gynecological system: menstrual cramps , menstrual cycle disorders , uterine fibroids - is caused by disorders of Chi energy and blood circulation.

Dermatology : atrophy with age capillaries in the skin , the skin suffers from insufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the observed decrease in nutrients , which causes wrinkles, skin discoloration , premature wrinkles appear around the eyes , bags under the eyes, and so on.

Diseases associated with age : no blood supply to the brain , leads to the following problems : brain atrophy , senile dementia , apoplexy , hypertension , coronary heart disease , osteoporosis, spurs , etc.

Bedding consists of four parts: a blanket , comforter , two pillow cases.