Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC)

 Huang Di (Chinese people entitled: 黄帝, China. Trad.: 黄帝; Pinyin: Huangdi, literally "Yellow Emperor") - the legendary ruler and ancestor of the Chinese people. Reigned 2697-2597 BC or 2674-2575 BC In his Neijing (Chinese Medicine Basics 内 经 Yellow Emperor), described the foundations of Chinese natural medicine and acupuncture.

Many of us, ordinary people, professors, doctors, doctors of traditional medicine, it is easy to change your attitude to Eastern medicine and noted for its obvious advantages and disadvantages in comparison with western medicine. It would not conditionally recognize that for a long time, there is one medicine - medicine East. Perhaps a more accurate, because it used a biologically active additives are safe, in a harmonious way regulate the functions of various organs and all systems of the human body, lead to a satisfactory state of relations between them, form the state of the immune system and energy. Therefore we would like to melt the ice of mistrust towards the unconventional, in our understanding, Eastern medicine.

Residents of European countries are accustomed to the use of medication without grave necessity. They have the active participation of physicians, most of whom believe unreservedly in the power of drugs, and not seek the assistance of unconventional medicine. It is regrettable that in medical schools came eskulapowi are not even informed about this type of alternative medicine, which exists not for centuries and thousands of years.

Do we idealize Chinese medicine, believing that it does not need quite specific achievements of Western medicine, in contrast, acute inflammation, the disease requiring surgical intervention for the immediate rescue of life - in all these matters western medicine is at the forefront.

Worse we cope with chronic or systemic diseases, many of which are considered as not curable - in this case, traditional Chinese medicine can give us what is missing. The synergy of Western and Eastern medicine could be
very effective - including in the fight against diseases such as cancer and AIDS.
Specialists of the World Health Organization WHO (World Health Organization called) have developed a program of folk medicine integration with national health systems. Its purpose is - while maintaining the authenticity of the healing practices - to prove the effectiveness and safety of these therapies.

World health Organization (WHO) published a document called, and Strategy in the field of traditional medicine, in which on the basis of large-scale and long-term studies have found great benefits in folk medicine as compared to allopathic medicine: it is cheaper, more effective, has significantly fewer side effects ... was challenged to integrate universal folk medicine of the health care system.
Over ten years ago, the state implemented a unique project - the first time in world history of the development of production technology of biologically active additives began a new important stage - the production of concentrated preparations in liquid form, derived from fungal cell contents higher - fast-acting bioimmuno-energoregulator.

As the material for these preparations have been used well-known in the East, higher edible mushrooms have a therapeutic effect:
Chinese Kordiceps
Linchzhi (Reischi)
Shiitake - mushroom aroma.
The use of modern biotechnology has allowed to create unprecedented in terms of speed and impact Bady (biologically active additives).
Corporation, Phoenix - Fohow, the only corporation in China for the production of medicinal products, subject to the Institute for Scientific Research, in which the walls are carried out works on the development of new nr, is the production runs are carried out research on security preparations, their effectiveness is determined etc.

The purpose of corporations, Fohow-Phoenix, are:
Effectiveness of products (all made preparations are characterized by speed of action).
Production only natural and safe drugs (the absolute lack of any chemicals).
Production based on their own studies using the most modern high-tech (mikrorozdrabnianie of fungal cells).
The types of drugs manufactured by:
cleansing action,
regulating activity (bioimmunoregulacja)
effects of nutrient (supplementary)
Production in every business corporation, Fohow-Phoenix, has awarded the highest international quality certificates GMP, HACCP, ISO.
Preparations containing Kordiceps - fast-acting bioimmunoregulatory - despite the fact that they are biologically active dietary supplements, have undergone clinical trials in countries such as China, USA, Japan and South Korea.Everywhere obtained clear results, potwiredzajace justify their use in case of various diseases, was also confirmed their absolute safety.
Great preparations corporations, Fohow-Phoenix, are now recorded in many countries. In a very short time they found the cooperative products registered in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Israel, Ukraine and in several African countries (AIDS).
Avicenna used to say: 'The doctor has three tools - a word, plant, and a knife,
Professor Ala Giricz Feodorovna liked this lofty phrase, paraphrase and present
It this way:
,, We come to you with a word about the amazing Tibetan Kordiceps plant, so you can avoid the knife" you need to be absolutely agree.

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Why natural medicine is effective?

All you have to be interested in natural healing methods, and expose yourself to acerbic comments friends and disrespectful treatment of some health professionals. " Well, if it makes you feel better.." p robably will be the only positive comment that you hear, even if these methods will help you to recover.

Why people do not like so much of natural medicine?
Why ever in doubt its effectiveness?

Such skepticism is surprising, especially since they often represent those considered to be scientists. Research provides increasing evidence that the appreciation of natural treatment is necessary to change the current harmful lifestyles and overcome the limitations faced by conventional medicine.
Our food and living conditions have deteriorated. After World War II, with the advent of modern culture and lifestyle, greatly diminished the quality of the food.
First of all, we eat more and more vegetables, fruits and fresh produce, and more and more frozen foods, canned products , snacks and high-calorie foods lacking essential nutrients (white bread , rice, or potato pies). In addition, fruits and vegetables currently consumed in developed countries no longer have such nutritional properties as before. So -called experts often question this statement , but it is worth considering why ...
Donald R. Davis , working with the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Texas at Austin, has analyzed data collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the years 1950-1999 on the nutrient content of 43 fruits and vegetables.In less than fifty years the contents of six of the thirteen nutrients in these products decreased ( the contents of the other ingredients remained largely unchanged ). Thus, the contents of the three minerals : phosphorus , iron and calcium decreased by 9 to 16%.
The protein content decreased by 6% , Riboflavin - 38% , and ascorbic acid ( vitamin C ) - by 15%.
Study the mineral content of fruits and vegetables grown in England in the years 1930-1980 showed a similar downward trend . It turned out that the content of calcium, magnesium , copper, sodium and vegetables magnesium, iron , copper and potassium in the fruit decreased significantly. It was found that it means " growing from fifty years nutrient problems linked to the quality of food."
Agnès diet Rousseaux explains that this means first of all the methods of cultivation: the abuse of pesticides and herbicides and fertilizers that cause rapid plant growth and shortens the time needed to acquire their necessary micronutrients. Intensive cultivation techniques result in sterilization of the soil, and therefore in some regions, decrease the overall content of nutrients in plants.
Brian Halweil, an American specialist in the field of agriculture and food, it is believed that the cause of this depletion is the preservation of food and the time of transport. (...) Also, selective cultivation plays a certain role. Farmers prefer to grow plants that grow quickly , produce high yields and look good. However, higher efficiency means a reduction in energy expenditure plants to absorb trace elements and reduce the nutrient content of crops.
According to Jacques Valentin, editor of the health section on the portal Gestion Santé, the major problem is further combined with poor eating habits and targeted depletion of certain food products such as bread. Bakers passed on the use of torture the poor in minerals and other nutrients, because the dough with the flour easier to grow, and the bread looks nicer .We eat fewer high-quality food, but increased our need for nutrients.
Today the conditions in which we live, especially in large cities (traffic, speed and intensity of communication, noise, pollution ) - cause stress , and thereby lead to an increased demand for nutrients Stress is necessary for survival in a dangerous environment. Increases concentration, can see more. details and enables faster response. However, if it becomes chronic, it is very harmful to your body . You start to produce hormones (cortisol, insulin, leptin and adrenaline ), which damage the internal organs impair cell renewal, accelerate aging and cause rapid depletion of vitamins, minerals and trace, elements.
Stress can be so intense and frequent that it does not already placed rest. During short periods of rest or sleep you can not relax enough to regenerate your body, to regain hormonal balance and calm the emotions. Of course, do not get me wrong. I do not encourage you to do, you give up the benefits of high-speed communications and transport. However, in the long run to maintain good health, you need to change your eating habits and lifestyle in order to better cope with stress.
One hundred years ago, people had more time for reflection. They moved mostly on foot, on horseback or by bicycle, they had no phone and long waiting for the delivery of letters. So they had plenty of time for reflection and meditation. And while they had less opportunity to stress.
Our grandparents did not have so so much to worry about the quality of food or learn relaxation techniques.
Your body needs essential nutrients to allow you to function properly, you need:
- Energy-giving nutrients ( carbohydrates derived from cereals, animal fats and vegetable)
- Building blocks for your tissue , or protein (found in meat, fish, eggs or vegetables ), the lack of which causes the feeling of hunger, fat that your body can not synthesize ssential fatty acids ), amino acids, which the body is also not able to produce (so-called essential amino acids ),
- Also nutrients such as minerals (calcium, magnesium, sulfur), trace elements (iron , zinc, copper , manganese , boron , selenium , molybdenum , etc. ), vitamins (A , B , C , D , E , K), and other bioactive micronutrients that you can win only with food.

All these ingredients are necessary to ensure that occurred in your body thousands of different enzymatic reactions , which purpose is to regenerate all tissues in the digestive system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular, nervous, immune, endocrine, etc.
However, you yourself do not detect deficiencies of these components as soon as the lack of energy and protein substances. Because then you will not feel anything resembling hunger. In time, this will slow down the deficiency and dysregulation of the most important processes in your body. The impairment of these processes may contribute to increasing your susceptibility to stress, fatigue and infections and exacerbate a number of symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, muscle weakness, pain, muscle spasms, problems with your digestive system, tachycardia, dizziness, headache, malaise and depression. Unfortunately, doctors generally do not interpret these symptoms as a result of nutritional deficiencies. Shortages have serious consequences.
Nutritional deficiencies worsen over the years, until one day realize that you are suffering from any of these diseases : osteoarthritis ( arthrosis or osteoporosis ), diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, such as cancer or neurological disorders such as illness Alzheimer's disease. However, rarely you associate your health with the quality of food.
Statistics show an unprecedented increase in the incidence of chronic disease among Europeans. For example, until nine million French people (or one in six insured ) is currently receiving full disability benefits due to a chronic disease. Chronic diseases are most severe conditions that prevent normal functioning.
Research conducted on Egyptian mummies from ancient times show that at that time were rare cancers. However, the research carried out on the skeletons of Paleolithic ( from hunter-gatherer tribes ) found that our ancestors did not suffer either due to caries, or osteoporosis.
Nowadays, it can be observed that among the tribes that have not taken the western lifestyle, the incidence of diseases common in industrialized countries is very low. And that Inuit do not suffer almost no cardiovascular disease. The Maoris of New Zealand, even those in very old, do not know what is arthritis. Adolescents with traditional Amazonian tribes and New Guinea do not suffer from acne , and the Japanese island of Okinawa can easily live for hundreds of ...
It is on the basis of those involved in natural medicine ( also called integrative medicine , usually because it combines the methods used in conventional medicine with alternative approach based on natural methods and proper diet), state that there is a relationship between nutrient deficiency and a general lack of balance in the our lives and the increasing number of people suffering from chronic diseases (ie, diseases of civilization such as depression, asthma, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, nephritis, heart disease, arthritis , rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer).
New challenges for modern medicine.
In industrialized countries, two out of five people die of cardiovascular disease, and one in four people suffer from cancer. Although life expectancy has increased by 20 years since the Second World War, the life expectancy " in good health " has not changed since the seventies. In addition, for the first time in the history of the modern life of the new generation will be shorter than the length of life of generations before them.
Conventional medicine has helped to eradicate many diseases and saved a lot of people in emergency situations of life ( heart attack, stroke, hepatitis , poisoning , traffic accidents , etc.).
However, today, " progress " made ​​in the framework of conventional medicine can not help us to treat new diseases . Modern medicine focuses on the fact that as long as you keep a person alive in very poor health. In many cases, chemical treatment of persistent or repeated surgical procedures are nothing but artificial prolongation of life. And, in turn, often leads to partial or complete inability to function independently , as well as cause pain ( mainly due to side effects ), and are very burdensome for the health insurance system.
Patients who do not benefit from this " progress " nothing or almost nothing , but thanks in hospitals create new jobs. But undoubtedly the most benefit from drug dealer authorized by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products , Medical Devices and Biocides.
What's more, less frequently discovered new compounds that could help treat various diseases. Most of the " new " drugs appearing on the market is simply a modified formula of older medicines, modified so that they can be sold for more because of patent protection. These drugs are created so for financial reasons , not because they are innovative medicinal properties.
We can therefore conclude that conventional medicine has found itself at an impasse, and indeed in crisis.
Response of natural medicine ( integrative )
Practitioners of natural medicine and the defenders know that there is a relationship between chronic deficiency of nutrients , unhealthy lifestyle (including stress, lack of physical activity and mental health problems ) and the increase in the incidence of chronic diseases.
So try to cure the disease by removing the cause , not the symptoms. They seek to change the eating habits of the patient, to reform its way of life , sometimes recommending appropriate dietary supplements. Use natural methods and products that are not toxic to the patient and did not cause any adverse side effects. As a result patients are not exposed to risks associated with surgical procedures or to the synthetic allopathic drugs.
Natural medicine is the perfect addition to conventional treatments , as it plays a significant role in strengthening immunity, reducing the intensity of the side effects of drugs and speeding up the healing process.
We must remember that natural medicine focuses on prevention. It is indeed effective in the treatment of many, even serious diseases, but its main purpose is to give people what to do and how to eat in order not to get sick.
More respect.
Natural medicine is also called medicine " holistic " (from the Greek " holis " or "all " ), because it takes into account the whole person: body, mind and soul.
Patients are seen as a collection of individual pieces , which shall be treated separately. On the contrary, they must realize that they are responsible for their health, learn the operation of your body and the mechanisms that cause disease. The aim is to raise awareness of natural medicine to patients that they should be able to find the right drug , depending on your lifestyle, temperament and needs.
Therefore, it is responsible medicine in which practitioners of the person accompanying the patient , without applying any treatments they do not understand . The patient does not have to be strictly obeyed.
Linked to this is a very important fact, which should be informed by hanging a big banner on the Ministry of Health in case of natural treatments natural medicine therapy, especially those related to combating stress, you can not use the same methods for checking the effectiveness of conventional treatments or medicines, or clinical double-blind trial. In case-control studies or patient nor the doctor knows whether they receive study drug or placebo. The examiner can therefore easily argue that the effectiveness of natural medicine can not be proven, and that it can not be considered scientific because it can not be forced into the framework of clinical trials , double-blind!
Personalized medicine.
Results from studies conducted in the United States have shown that personal relationship therapist or doctor and patient can have a positive effect on the healing process .In the current health care system work like a Band doctors and patients spend a few to several minutes during the visit, which adversely affects their relationship with the patient and reduces the chances of recovery.
Natural medicine is of course the fact that modern technology, such as imaging and laboratory analysis are crucial to diagnose disease and to plan treatment. However, it is very important that your doctor has not only served technician interprets the data electronically. The natural medicine is still the most important is a thorough examination of the patient at the stage of diagnosis and during the treatment.
This allows the doctor can not only observe the patient's symptoms , but also to listen to his story , learn how to develop symptoms of the disease, and finally just auscultation of the patient. Once doctors learned even rely on the sense of taste or smell. Today, modern techniques used in medicine, they increase the distance between the doctor and the patient , which can lead to making a wrong diagnosis and treatment of inappropriate conduct.

Thus, natural medicine is practiced by those " irrational ". It draws from sources of medicine and allows for treatment of the patient as a whole, which makes it in fact is extremely advanced type of medicine. This is a real opportunity for disease prevention and cure them, even in those cases where conventional medicine is powerless. Please take a critical approachOf course, should be approached to natural medicine as the most critical and wary of the sect. Natural medicine promises a lot, but it is not able to cure all diseases. Do not interrupt or modify previously used medication without consulting your doctor.

You must also remember that, as I mentioned earlier, Integrative medicine does not deal with emergencies. In such cases, saving the life is only possible when you call an ambulance or the fire brigade and you apply the standard procedures and treatment be considered in emergency medicine.
Dietary supplements introduced to the world market are worth up to 25 billion U.S. dollars, so do not forget that a lot of people involved in their production and sale is mindful of its own profits , not the health of their customers. Should therefore carefully check the information for each dietary supplement you are going to take , even if it is most ordinary vitamin C.
In general , do not give up the visit with a specialist ( doctor or therapist ). People who practice natural medicine and can not recommend postponing a visit to a specialist or therapy recommended by a healthcare professional.

I wish you health