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Seaweed Calcium Capsule

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1 pack contains 100 capsules of 800 mg.

Usage and dosage: to 2 capsules 2 times a day, drink warm water.

Storage: Keep hermetically sealed container in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

The basic components:


Vegetable oil - dietary supplement contains vitamins D, derived from vegetable oil andconducive to further enhance the intestinal absorption of calcium and its absorption in the bones.


Calcium from seaweed - It should be noted that for the first time in world practice, thanks to advanced technologies, especially the Chinese corporation Fohow, Phoenix managed to extract from seaweed calcium, easiest, and almost entirely absorbed by the human body without any side effects.

In pharmacies sells a variety of formulations of calcium content -

However, until now, not managed to obtain readily available calcium.

It should be noted that for the first time in world practice, especially advanced technology of Chinese corporations' Fohow - Phoenix "was able to extract from seaweed calcium easily and almost completely absorbed by the human body without any side effects.It should be noted that the supplement contains vitamin D, derived from vegetable oil and is favorable to further enhance the absorption of intestinal calcium absorption and bone.

The importance of calcium is high, especially when we meet, the problems of osteoporosis, fractures, impaired cardiac function, etc. It is not enough intake of food rich in calcium, you need to absorb it - to do that calcium should be converted into ionic form.

This occurs in the stomach by the action of hydrochloric acid. If the secretion of hydrochloric acid is too weak, is impaired absorption of calcium.

With age, calcium deficiency develops in the body, about 40 years already exists in 50% of men, about 60 years of age - at 90%. It is manifested by fatigue, early aging, reduced attention span, calf cramps, cardiovascular disease, respiratory organs. With age, the recovery process of bone tissue in the body is slowed down, resulting in may develop osteoporosis - osteoporosis, as reflected in a decrease of bone mass.

The disease is caused deterioration in calcium absorption by the body, which may be hereditary or due to the lack of female hormones at menopause. Osteoporosis can also develop due to unfavorable ecological situation and the worsening diet, due to the provision of very small amounts of calcium in the body. Very often develops unnoticed osteoporosis and fractures revealed only under the influence of even a small load or low impact.

Often osteoporosis is sometimes called an "invisible epidemic" sometimes gives a value up to fourth in the series of causes of death (after cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes). An important role in the development of osteoporosis plays a growth factor. According to medical statistics, osteoporosis was found in 30-50% of half a century of people (mostly women), and after 75 years of age suffer from it half of men and women.

Currently, osteoporosis is also becoming a problem for young people. 

Indications:prevention of aging;lack of vitamins and minerals;underactive parathyroid glands;reduced vascular leakage (increased permeability of blood vessels),

bleeding;allergic diseases,

blemishes;diseases of the skin (itching, eczema, psoriasis);prevention and treatment of osteoporosis,

rickets, arthritis;prevention of dental caries;increased fragility of nails;prevention of oncological diseases,

cardiovascular diseases;cramps and restless legs syndrome;the period of menopause and after the menopause;

fracture;for children and adolescents in the normal development of the musculoskeletal system;

with attention disorders;

for people who consume soft drinks;other indications.

The seaweed calcium capsule is a new product to supplement calcium, which is processed by proprietary technology with the seaweed calcium as the raw material. It has the characteristics of pure nature, high calcium and easy to be absorbed.

As we all know, lack of calcium will lead to more than 160 kinds of diseases and symptoms, so how to supplement calcium? Anyway, absorption accounts! Seaweed Fohow Calcium Capsule is easiest to be absorbed. The reasons are as follows: first of all, extracted from pure natural seaweed, it is green food and safer; secondly, it is a kind of preparation of liquid calcium, which is easily to be absorbed; thirdly, it contains 73 kinds of mineral composition people need, which makes it balanced in nutrition and calcium ion will be easier to be assimilated. Finally, its PH value is 7.0, which indicates that it will not exert negative effects on the absorption of gastrointestinal tract with the symptom of gastrectasia and indigestion.

Who are allowed to take this medicine: Those who need the supplementation of calcium.