Cleansing series

Blood purifier capsules

CODE: BA-02/48PV

In stock
Packaging contains 120 pices x 250mg The main component of the product is nattokinase, also grape stone extract and Gynostemma pentoli-lium extract.... More

High-fiber Nutritional Tablets

CODE: F-005/36PV

In stock
Package contains 144 pieces after 0,7 mg. On the basis of traditional health-preserving theory, experts group of Fohow Institute has developed the... More

Paste Meigui

CODE: F-006/8PV

In stock
1 tube contains 120,0 g     Developed by the Fohow enterprise, Rose Oligose is a new kind of candy, which is mainly comprised of... More

Sanqing Oral Liquid

CODE: F-007/32PV

In stock

Six-flavor Tea

CODE: F-004/12PV

In stock
Package contains 24 pieces sachets. Fohow Six-flavor Tea is composed of 6 herbs: Pu-erh tea, radix astragali, salvia miltiorrhiza,... More




11/08/2014, 19:33

"Witam mi osobiscie te rozne leki pomagaja "


02/12/2011, 16:44

"jaka jest cena KOD BA-02/60BV"


25/11/2011, 05:18

"I really wish there were more atricles like this on the web."


23/11/2011, 00:54

"Hey hey hey, take a ganedr at what' you've done"


23/11/2011, 00:53

"Yeah that's what I'm takling about baby--nice work!"


26/08/2011, 13:04

"tak, to jest rewelacja i rewolucja"

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