When using bioimmunoregulator produced in the East observe certain rules.The first peculiarity:

patients suffering from various chronic diseases should not take large doses of preparations at the initial stage of their application, because it may lead to exacerbation of chronic conditions once. Pay particular attention to hypertension. Preparations derived from fungi of higher production corporation "Fohow - Phoenix" are great bioregulatorami of endothelium (endothelial walls of blood vessels.) Restore its elasticity, which in turn leads to a good blood vessels, increasing their permeability and blood pressure adjustment.

To these preparations are recommended for hypertension. It should be very careful to start their application. Usually the first day of taking only 0, 25 ml -0.5 ml, and used every day dose of the preparation is increased by the same amount. zażywanego preparation doses gradually increasing to 2, 0 - 2.5 ml per day. Using this daily dose, drink the contents of the first bottle. The liquid form preparations containing cordiceps be used by the general scheme (methods of drug formulations will be presented below).

Another special feature of bioimmunoregulator is characterized by the ability to diagnose - with the help of small doses - patient problems.

This special features should not be confused with rare exacerbations of chronic diseases by the use of significant doses of preparations at the beginning of the treatment cyclewhich was mentioned above.The ability of diagnostic preparations leads to a very slight reaction from the"damaged" organ, which reveals not an intense stinging, burning sensation,discomfort in one or another area of the body, corresponding to the location ofa particular organ. As an example, sometimes felt tightness in the head (in patients suffering fromcerebral arteriosclerosis) during the initial use of large quantities ofpreparation, "Linchzhi Capsules (Reishi). Therefore, we recommend that patients start taking these capsules from the capsule contents field for the first four - six days, then increasing the dosage to the optimum.

The third special feature of effective biologically active food supplements our corporation is the absolute lack of side effects during their application. As you know, or a traditional medicine nothing can say that!

Preparations containing Cordiceps (except tea "Liuwei Phoenix"is enough to take once or twice a day, because their operation takes an average day andincludes all meridians. Only sometimesin order to achieve a stronger effect inthe case of specific recommendations, we use several preparationssimultaneously, for example: after stroke can simultaneously take twobioregulators acting on the reconstruction of blood vessel walls - "Linchzhicapsules (Reishi)" and "Elixir of Phoenix", gradually increasing the dose.  More preferred is the use of formulas in the time of the morning, because our products in this or that degree of mental activity and activate the muscle.Sometimes in the late stage oncology and certain other serious diseases is acceptable use of double-concentrated form of "Elixir of Phoenix" and "Elixir of the Three Jewels of Phoenix" - morning and evening, in large doses. It should be noted that by taking our preparations, characterized by, cleansingproperties (removal of toxins, degradation products, etc.), you should takeenough fluid, usually at least two liters per day.

Dose formulations should be selected strictly to the individual, taking as a basis, the achievement of specific clinical effect, endorsed the results of the study. Initially, this can lead to dosing, which was reproduced in this issueand which has been selected on the basis of observation of patients takingbioimmunoregulatory derived from higher fungi.
It should also be noted that the Europeans generally use preparations containing Cordiceps in smaller doses than in China because they aresufficient to achieve the desired effect.