Application for Veterinary Cordiceps

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                                                                    A. Saint-Exupery

Practical application Fohow products in veterinary medicine.

Recommendations Bugaeva Dr. AM MD., Director of Animal Health Center in Kievcandidate of veterinary sciences, Kiev, Ukraine

Veterinarian, Mr. AM Bugaev is the author of 37 scientific papers and 10 popular scientific articles published in various sourcesIn 1998, A. Bugaev permanently moved to Kiev, where he opened a Center for Animal Health.
It is an advocate of unconventional methods of treatment of animals.
Dear pet owners.

The slides are manufactured by Fohow, in China, which specializes in growing, processing and production of the higher fungi, known since antiquity as food and rejuvenating factor is CordycepsReishi and Siitake.

The factory is located in ecologically clean area, which is part of the economic zone in the so-called "advanced technology"The company uses the latest technology to implement the patented methods of processing of plant materialsMushrooms with unique propertiesare grown on specially prepared herbs growing areas of astragalus, gentianofeopogonu and other plants and fungi. Allmushrooms are rich in nutrients and biological components, which contain only alpine herbs. Technical production process allow for stimulation of the cell membranewithout affecting the structure of the cellular components of raw materials.
 Scientists have developed a unique method of production of drugs from the body cordyceps, which can significantly improve the ability to absorb nutrients. Using knowledge of the tradition of ancient Chinese medicine, combined with the discoveries of modern pharmacology and the achievements of local professionals have created a very efficient treatment of food patterns that include Cordyceps and other components.
Patents, technology, formulation and production are protected by the state. Quality control of raw materials is constant and systematic monitoring of products including power control allow precise machine manufactured in Japan. The factory has a SMR - international certificate, which guarantees high and stable levels of production. The company holds numerous certificates Fohow its products from around the world, the last certificate is a certificate issued from the U.S. FDA in August 2011. Product recommendations are for the European market by The French committee of the European Union science and technology.
The strength and specificity of action, mainly focused on the treatment of systemic after the contents of cells of higher fungi - especially Cordycepsu and Ganoderma. Systemic effects of new drugs lies in the rapid control of all systems of the body, with its unique composition.
Moreover, the forces of nature, natural Cordyceps living conditions and other known oriental medicinal mushroom, is a substantial increase is still unrivaled in the world of biotech products because they are produced on natural basis.
Preparations containing this bioimunoenergomodulatory Kordyceps fast action, and the fact is that these supplements, have undergone clinical trials in countries such as Izrael, China, USA, Russia, Lithuania, Japan and South Korea where everywhere identical results were obtained which confirmed their application for use in various disease, and confirmed their absolute safety.
Our products Fohow divided into:
1. Purification of the body
2. Impact on the regulation of the body (bio-imuno-regulation)
3. Repair of the body (cell salvage)

Preparations of kordycepsu are used as:
1. Nourishing tonic (particularly athletes)
2. Preventive security
3. Curative Medical
4. Assistant in the pharmacological treatment, which increases productivity and reduces
possibility of adverse reactions.

The company's products are designed to prevent and treat diseases, not only in humans. They are effective and easy to use for the treatment of domestic animals. This article provides practical guidance on the use of products Fohow the treatment and prevention of diseases of small domestic animals.
The information presented is based on analysis of data published in the press, the Internet, as well as experience and research on the application - liquid forms of Cordyceps in the Animal Health Centre in Kiev.
The article contains information about chi energy and its role for the use of animals in the Chinese fungus Cordyceps sinensis and its effects on cells and tissues of animals. An important part of the article is devoted to science and manufacturing Kordycepsieinterferon and its impact on the culture of staphylococci and fungi of the genus Candida.
This article is intended for a wide range of pet owners who are interested in their health.
The results of our observations and experience, of course, we provide professional parts of veterinarians and physicians of different specialties, as well as professionals and supporters of unconventional treatments.

Why Bady for animals?
(Bady - biologically active food additives)
Opening markets for animal feed industry in the short term led to a sharp change in the diet of animals. The body of dogs and cats are not evolutionarily adapted toassimilate feed as they are offered by modern industryproducing food for our pets.The fact is that today there is no company in the worldfor production of feed for all forms of physiological mammals, birds and small animals.
Hence, there are many diseases from rickets after allergic dermatitis and urolithiasis, etc.
According to the principal nutritionist, Department of Health PO Karpenko of Ukraine,for the optimal functioning of the human body is necessary to obtain about 600substances (ingredients) - amino acids, vitamins, macro and micronutrients, organic acids, herbal ingredients, fiber, etc.
Because of many similarities in the physiological exchange of people and domestic animals, namely cats and dogs, we can assume that they need fewer nutrients than people. Even the natural food for animals, such as meat, vegetables, grains andseeds for birds, does not contain the required files nutrients. The worseningecological situation in the world, the loss of macro-and micronutrients, soil contamination by industrial waste, forage quality is worse every year. Food and feedproduced from cereals or vegetables grown in contaminated soil too may notcontain enough minerals and vitamins. One can well imagine that the food preparedfrom defective materials that contain microorganisms or damage to fungi (molds)are contaminated with toxins and toxic chemicals (pesticides, nitrates), it is obvioushow important supplements to maintain good health for dogs, cats, pet birds andother small animals. This is especially true with regard to the quality of micro-and macro - vitamins and minerals. High-quality food supplements, not only nourish, butalso protect the body of animals before irradiation and heavy metal salts.
In chemistry, the principle of selective absorption. This principle is based on the known biological fact, when the cells of animals and humans are accompanied by the necessary nutrients, it reduces the probability of absorption of toxic and radioactive substances. However, if the authority is not relevant substances such as calcium, potassium and iodine, etc. for a long time, starts with rapid absorption at a rapid pace, the radioactive substances in the structure and valence of chemical elements with similar properties. And this leads to the fact that instead of the necessary chemical elements closest to the body absorbs radioactive elements available in the same group.
For exampleradioactive strontium-90, located in all emissions and wastes of nuclear and other varietieshas a similar structure as calcium, is an element of one group of Mendeleev's Periodic Table of the elementalYou will then participate in the same chemical reactions, such as calcium. The body of the animal uses these elements to build strong bones and teeth. When the body of the animal does not have enough calcium in teeth and bones will absorb the radioactive forms of strontium and other elements, like calcium - radioactive barium-140 and radium-226th. Absorbed radioactive elements will be stored in bones, teeth and soft tissuesand irradiate the surrounding cells. They can interfere with normal functioning of the body and lead to future development of cancer.Fortunately, the body does so selectively conventional radioactive elements do not have priorityFor example, if all vacancies filledby calcium in the body, they prevent the absorption of radioactive strontium in the body. Moreover, now shown that when calcium is present in sufficient amounts, the majority of radioactive strontium-90 is eliminated from the body.
The same image was found in iodine, which is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones, thyroxine. If food does not haveenough iodine, your body responds to radioactive iodine-131, which begins by surrounding cells and radiation can disrupt thyroid function as causing cancer. Serious problems arise when the iodine-131 accumulation in the thyroid gets into the developing fetus.This leads to stunted growth, low birth weight and increased infant mortality.

These patterns are important for pets, because at the molecular level, chemical and biochemical processes in humans and animals are similar. Therefore, for the health of our animals, fast-acting Bady are needed no less than I have. Below is a list of chemical elements from the book Shannon S. "Feeding the nuclear age," which shows what elements will be absorbed by the body in the absence of basic elements.

Stable element / radioactivity
Calcium / strontium-90
Iodine / Iodine-131
Iron / Plugony-238, -239
Potassium / Cesium-137
Sulphur / Sulfur-35
Vitamin B / Cobalt-6D
Zinc / Zinc-65

Bady is required for animals to maintain normal blood acidity (pH of blood is 7.1 to 7.4)Only with this level when the pH of blood and interstitial fluid is normal, may be oxidative processes in the body. For example, calcium - the king of minerals until recently it was thought that calcium is important only for young organisms, but recent studies have shown that full security for animals andhumans in this mineral helps prevent 150 diseases, including cancer.
Otto Marburg, Nobel Prize winner, discovered the effect of oxygen in cancer. He showed that when the blood pH 7.37 to 7.44 and intercellular fluid is 7.1 to 7.5 and is alkaline, the tumor grows. Here, proved a major role of calcium, as the supply of animal and human tissues in oxygen. Reducing the level of 0.5% calcium, leads to a decrease in oxygenation (oxygen) tissue by 65% ​​due to oxidation and decrease in blood pH below 7.1. Pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi, feel good, and multiply when the body is in an acidic environment and has little oxygen. In the presence of oxygen germs and viruses can not replicate, and according to recent research the cancer cells die. All of this argues for the use of nutrients in animal feed as well as the legitimacy of the body biologically active additives (Bady).
Biologically active food additives should be added to animal feed, not only when they are already sick, but mainly because the supplements are useful and necessary for the body.
Maintain order, not correcting disorders, is the principle of wise healers and pet owners.

Treatment of animals, when he is sick is like digging a well, if we desire, or forge swords, when the war started already.

Unfortunately, many pet owners seek veterinary medical attention only when the animal is sick or has significant clinical symptoms of the disease and ask doctors, veterinarians about a wonder drug to restore the health of the animal, which in most cases unknowingly destroy, long after the inappropriate nutrition and proper care. Such wonder drugs have not yet been invented. Even with the use of dietary supplements to restore damaged health, it often takes a very long time.
Given that 80-90of cases in small animals is related to improper feeding and care, working with the sick dogs and cats are divided into four phases:

The first phase:
 Diagnosis of the disease. We combine all needed at this time, diagnostic methods (ultrasound, X-ray, blood and urine biochemistry, hematology and blood bacteriological tests), and also to check the flow of energy and energy meridians. The diagnosis should be done fairly, it passes through the harsh conditions during surgical procedures or treatment.

The second phase:
Purification of the body, detoxification, elimination of free radicals, heavy metals, radionuclides from the body and correcting energy homeostasis.
Methods of the second phase:For dogs and cats for 2-3 days cleaning the stomach and small intestine. Serve more or mineral spring water than tap water. Sometimes it is advisable to clean the colon with an enema. You can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate or chamomile tea. Along with cleansing the stomach and intestines is sometimes necessary to add the sorbent.Energy homeostasis of animals is the primary point electropuncture, and electrophoresis, it can be improved by using the Elixir tea and Lyuvey Phoenix.
Methods for the third phase.
During this phase, eliminating the lack of nutrient deficiency of macro and micro trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and other essential items. To cover the lack of suitable nutrients Phoenix Elixir and Elixir Sanbao. Drugs administered during maximum activity meridians of the body of the patient. The second administration of drugs is the best time of maximum activity from 21 to 23 hours, they are all active endocrine glands.
Methods for the fourth phase.
Regeneration and stabilization functions of all organs and systems through the activation of reserve forces of the body.

With regard to the effectiveness of restoring the health of animals with Elixir Phoenix, preparations are similar throughout the world. Because they have immunomodulatory properties, improvement of bone marrow activity and phagocytosis, which protects the body against bacterial infections of animals. Cordyceps and other higher fungi contribute to the production of interferon in animal cells and protects them from viral diseases. It also helps to treat and prevent diseases caused by microscopic protozoan intracellular parasites such as Toxoplasma, piroplazmy (dogs malaria), sarkosporidia, gamondia.

Classification of Badu.

All biologically active additives in the opinion of doctors veterinarians are divided into two groups - nutriceutyki and auxiliary. However distinguished a third group of additives, which has significant properties energiomodulatorów. Therefore, we should adopt a division into three groups.

First Nutriceutika - Bady containing basic food ingredients that replace the lack of nutrients to prevent metabolic disorders.

Second Para-Pharmaceuticals - Bady and bio-preparations, which contain biologically active substances with pharmacological activity, improve the immune system modulators.

Third Energio-modulators - Bady energio-information which are primarily at the level of frequency control Bioemulacji subcortical brain centers regulating autonomic nervous system and the functioning of internal organs. When their action is blocked, it is the reverse regeneration process negative information. Targeted drugs is the effect and impact on the regulation of Yin and Yang energy.
Of course, such a division is dependent nr because preparations Phoenix have all the properties listed above. Such a classificationis useful from a practical point of view, especially for veterinarians and pet ownerswho first began using Bady.
Sometimes pet owners are afraid to use Bady, especially immunoregulatory group, because they think that this may cause an increase in malignant tumors. At the moment, recent studies show particularly well presented in the work of Mr. E. Muldashev that healthy, regenerated (reproductive) cells have positive biofield, which negatively affects both cancer cells and cells exposed to dystrophic changes. Therefore, the use of drugs based on Cordyceps help prevent the formation of tumors. In addition, Cordiceps has a positive impact on the course of the disease, when used between the treatment of cytotoxic anticancer drugs or radiation therapy.

Brief description of the Chinese Cordiceps.

Chinese Cordiceps (Cordiceps sinensis) is like a living thing belongs to the class Ascomycete fungi can be counted for both flora and fauna. Cordyceps is in the high mountains of China - in the provinces of Sichuan, Junfin, Cynhai and Tibet. Its form is unusual. Kordyceps a twofold character - the one hand, plant, insect larvae and on the other butterflies (Species Hepialid) This unique solution has been described in old Chinese book entitled "A new compilation of pharmacology," in 1757.
Cordyceps is staying during the winter in the ground in a cocoon. Occurs in the process of "releasing hairs" that the advent of global warming come from the earth to the surface, and the solution was transformed into a plant. After the onset of the summer shoots of auksospora sister group, and it grows from a large or otherwise askogonada, which settles on larwie butterfly and begins to exist as a parasite.The unusual larva buries in the ground and in the winter make the transformation. The kernel of bacteria affect the internal organs of the larvae, but larvae of horn sheath remains intact. Kordycepsu larva is characterized by the highest level of survival. Feeds on the roots alpine plants such as hotter, astragal, ofiopogon, and during two years of development under the earth can withstand long-term malnutrition, cold and lack of oxygen. Cordiceps sinensis mushroom body is thus well equipped with numerous nutrients and specific biological components, characteristic of high mountain plants.In China, Cordyceps is considered a traditional measure of national pharmaceuticals as phytotherapy, standing on a par with the well-known means to maintain the health and resilience, as ginseng and deer horns. History of kordycepsu in China for maintaining health and prevention is over 5000 thousand years. Very long ago the Chinese recognized for cudotwórczy Cordyceps' GIFT FROM GOD ", which helps people get rid of many ailments.With modern biotechnology, and new methods of cultivation with the discovery of liquid forms of Cordyceps, these modern drugs can be deployed to all systems bioregulacji harmonious body and immune system modulation due to the strong positive impact of Cordyceps.
Cordyceps is a form of cellular nutrition, encouraging the body to self-regulation and self-cleaning. 
Cordyceps gained a deserved reputation as a modern fourth-generation health product, which entered the new millennium.

Cordyceps includes:
77 micro and macro elements.
More than 80 types of enzymes, including coenzyme Q (ubiquinone).
amino acids.
unsaturated fatty acids, etc.

Composition of Cordyceps:
Cordyceps acid 7%, 25% protein, 8% fat
D-mannitol, galactomannan, amino acids
stearic acid, ergosterol, adenine, vitamin B 12
unsaturated fatty acids.
American pharmacologists since 1980 with cordyceps isolated from a unique material, kordicepsid, kordicepsowy acid, adenosine, adenine and was found to increase the impact of these substances on the human immune system.
Cordyceps effectively cleanses the body, increases its resistance to various infections, you can easily adapt to humans and animals to changes in weather and environment. Cordyceps has a greater effect than hydrocortisone. It reduces pain and lowers the temperature and is a powerful natural antibiotic that can inhibit the growth of pneumococci, staphylococci, streptococci, including gold Streptococcus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other organisms. Cordyceps also has an impact on many types of viruses: adenovirus, influenza, hepatitis, herpes.

Effect of Cordyceps on the cardio-vascular system.
Cordyceps reduces cholesterol, improves elasticity of blood vessels and causes long-term mild vasodilation, which can significantly improve blood flow to the heart muscle and other organs. It prevents clots from forming and is used in the prevention and treatment of serious diseases such as myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, stroke, angina pectoris, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc. Cordyceps is ideal for the prevention and treatment of liver cirrhosis and inflammation liver, improves blood flow in liver cells hepatocytes. It cures diseases of the genitourinary, combined flank pain, or frequent urination, nocturnal emission (spontaneous ejaculation), inflammation of the bladder, cysts and other diseases that can be cured with the help Cordycepsu. Use Cordyceps restores renal function, dissolve kidney stones, gall bladder, liver, and regulate metabolism, especially fat, reduces fatigue, improves sleep.
Cordyceps has antitoxic effect - actively removes toxins from the body, including intestinal poison pharmacological compounds, radionuclides and heavy metals. It is also a natural detergent, which can be used for all the problems of the digestive system, including the dis-rot, while most conventional purifiers at dysbakteriozie are contraindicated.
Is known to use kordycepsem treatment of the eye, in the treatment of cataracts and glaucoma, both internally and in the form of eye drops - Phoenix Elixir.

Cordyceps has a practical application as:
- Nourishing tonic (particularly athletes)
- Preventive protection
- Curative Medical
- An additional measure in pharmacological treatment, which increases efficiency and reduces side effects.

The most important task for cordyceps is the construction and reconstruction of tissues, enzymes and hormones.
Immunomodulator polysaccharides:

  - Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone)
- A nutrient for the heart, liver and immune system. In 1978, American scientist Peter Mitchell for developing the theory of coenzyme Q10 received the Nobel Prize. Ubiquinone accelerates healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers and participates in energy production. In addition, helps to normalize blood pressure, slows the aging process, neutralize histamine in allergic diseases and respiratory diseases, asthma, etc.

- Beta Carotene - Protector against cancer and inflammation, helps in heart disease.

- Vitamin E - Very strong, powerful midfielder in the treatment of cancer and heart disease.

- Vitamin B -  Operation of the system of the liver and nervous system.

- Phospholipids - Reconstruction of tissues.

- Amino acids and proteins -Building material for the body.

 - Essential fatty acids -key component of cells and cell membranes.

Responsibility of biological trace elements in our body:

- Potassium -Protein synthesis, rhythm, energy cells.

- Phosphorus -ATP, enzymes, nucleic acid, ensures transmission of genetic information.

- Calcium -The basic building block of the skeletal system, anti-inflammatory, is not redundant in the process of cellular metabolism, etc.

 - Iron -Haemopoiesis - (from Gr. Haim - blood, Cytisus - cell Poesis - produce).

 - Sulphur -Haemopoiesis, resistance, the production of cholesterol, synthesis of collagen.

- Copper -Haemopoiesis, cellular respiration, growth and development of the body, heart, regulates cholesterol, sugar and uric acid. 

- Cobalt -Part of vitamin B 12, some hormones.

- Zinc -It is part of more than 80 types of enzymes, cellular respiration.

- Bor -Part of sex hormones, improves bone.

- Manganese -Work of the brain, pancreas.

- Chromium -Normalization of blood sugar levels, sexual potency.

- Selenium -Immunity, antitumor activity.

- Silicone -Development and maintenance of bones and cartilage, the state of blood vessels, brain.

- Magnesium -Heart and circulatory system, improves the functioning of the lungs, brain, nervous system and muscles.

The use of products in food Fohow:

 - Facilitates the functioning of the heart, liver, kidney.
- Lowers cholesterol levels.
- Removes parasites and viruses.
- Prevents the development of anemia, leukopenia, thrombosis.
- Increase the flexibility of arteries.
- Normalizes the intestinal microflora, nose, throat and skin.
- Prevents the development of chronic inflammatory diseases.
- Reacts, prevents and eliminates allergies.
- Assists in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, asthma and psoriasis.
- Remove from the body radionuclides and heavy metal salts.
- Reduces the incidence of cancer and aids in the treatment of.
- Slows down the aging process.
- Removes the chronic fatigue.

Higher fungi are excellent adaptogenami, support all the systems of the body which contributes to the overall improvement in health.

The use in veterinary medicine Fohow Company's products.

To enhance the body of animals and birds, and an increase in resistance, it is recommended to use Elixir or Phoenix Fohow Sanbao, with 0,5-1-3-5 ml before meals 1-2 times a day, morning and evening, for 6 or 30 days (30 ml bottle, 1-2 bottles). The appropriate dose depends on body weight: 1-5 kg = 0.5-2 ml and 5-10 kg = 1-3 ml, more than 15 kg = 1-3 to 5 ml.
After the potion can be used Linchzhi Phoenix Capsule: 0,5-1, 1-2 times a day, morning and evening, 12 to 28 days (28 capsules pack).

If animals have dermatitis or gastrointestinal problems, eliminate inflammation after the administration of Elixir and Elixir Fenikx Sancin Administer 15-30 minutes before meals, 2 times a day, morning and evening, starting with 1-3-5 ml, increasing the dose 1-3-5 ml, depending on the animal's weight to 15 ml or 30 ml at a time. Serves 3-6 days or 12 days (30 ml bottle, 4-8 bottles).

For rapid removal of such conditions as skin redness, wound healing and treatment of scars and discoloration surfaces, skin diseases and hair loss is recommended to use Elixir Sanbao Phoenix 2 or more times during the day.

 In diseases of the nose, eyes and ears is recommended Elixir Phoenix drops 1-2 drops into the nose, eyes and ears several times a day.

For the prevention and removal of metabolic disorders in the body of parrots I recommend once a month for 7 days to give Phoenix Elixir of 1-2 ml per day.

Center for Animal Health has introduced a system of treatment and prevention of diseases of dogs and cats kordycepsem since May 2000. Preparations are used in different systems.

The first observation
After vaccination, puppies, dogs and cats with infectious diseases such as plague, viral hepatitis, enteritis, adenovirus, rabies, chlamydia, trichophytia, mikrosporia was put under the tongue Cordyceps 25 puppies and kittens, 2-3 monthly, at level 0 , 5 ml, and introduced 15 adult cats at a dose of 1-2 ml.

In any case, no complications were observed after vaccination. Puppies and kittens vaccinated falls in the first 3-5 hours. While at the same time when the vaccination was given liquid Kordyceps, biofield began to grow after 5-7 minutes and two hours later it reached its peak and lasted about 1-2 hours and then gradually decreased. A day later, biofield was higher.

Co-administration of subcutaneous injections of the vaccine and Kordycepsu under the tongue in dogs and cats helps to avoid complications after vaccination.

The second observation.
The study was performed to investigate the impact of different methods of biofield, Kordyceps kittens are given in liquid form.
Three kittens at the age of 3 months was administered intramuscularly at a dose of 0.5 ml every three hours during the day.
Three kittens in the same age Kordyceps administered intravenous dose of 0.5 ml at the same time.
Three kittens were given Kordyceps under the tongue.
All kittens survived. Kittens who received intramuscular Cordyceps were tired, and their body temperature dropped about 0.5-1 degree, was also reduced immediately after the introduction of kordycepsu biofield. For kittens, which the preparation was administered under the tongue, biofield rose over 3 hours. Hematology, five hours after administration of elixir, showed a significant increase of leukocytes, leukocyte cell formulas and eosinophils.
The best way to use Cordyceps in the liquid state for the animals, is an application under the tongue. Kordyceps in all cases contributed to the increase in eosinophils in the blood leukocytes.

Observations of the third.
Dogs and cats before surgery, during long operations and postoperative period were treated with Cordyceps. The dose depends on age and body weight of animals: cats and small breed dogs from 0.5 to 1 ml, large breed dogs from 5-7 ml. This preparation has been tested on 65 animals.
All animals that received Cordyceps in preoperative and postoperative period or during the operation easier to survive than those without Cordycepsu. Introduction Cordyceps during surgery significantly stabilizes breathing and heartbeat.

                                                                                                                                                              Admin Barnaba










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